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Waterproof Endoscope - 20 meters (ID: E09)

The length of 20 meters of this endoscope allows for inspection of pipes and other inaccessible places at a great distance. Plug it in the USB port of your computer and watch the video on the screen with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. For poorly lit environments the camera is equipped with LEDs with adjustable light intensity.

- Diameter of the camera - 15 mm.

Waiting 40.95 €

Waterproof endoscope - 15 m (ID: E13)

With this 15 meters waterproof endoscope you can inspect inaccessible and poorly lit areas, record video and also it makes it easy taking pictures thanks to the built-in program. It can select among several resolutions for photos and videos also you can adjust the white balance.
For even greater convenience there are three auxiliary tips.

Features :

Waiting 30.95 €

Full HD endoscope (ID: E14)

The 2 megapixel camera with CMOS sensor will allow you to see the object of interest in greater detail. For providing a clear image it has six LEDs whose light can be adjusted smoothly using the handle.
The camera diameter is only 8.5 mm, allowing it to reach some very tight spaces. The viewing angle is 60 degrees and a minimum focusing distance is 5 cm
In the kit there is easy to use software that does not require installation. With its help, you can take pictures or you can record videos from your inspection.
You can select between three resolutions - 640x480 , or 1280x720 1024x786.

Waiting 51.95 €

Endoscope 2MP (ID: E16)

With the camera with 2MP resolution of this endoscope you will be able to explore in detail object of your interest.
Using the product software you can change the resolution.
The viewing angle is 60 degrees and the focal length is 6cm.
For the dark places there are six LEDs with adjustable light.

Waiting 25.95 €

Handheld endoscope (ID: E15)

With this endoscope, you can immediately see the picture from the inspection sites. The color 2.4 inch display will provide a clear picture that you can rotate 360 degrees and adjust its contrast.
The camera has a 10mm diameter and is equipped with adjustable white LED light. The operating length of the endoscope is 88cm and the total (with the handle) is 117cm.
Powered by four 1.5V AA batteries.
The weight of this product is just 325g.

Waiting 35.95 €

USB endoscope 5.5 mm (ID: E18)

This is a waterproof endoscope with a very small diameter. The camera has a size of only 5.5 mm, but allows you to get an image with a resolution of 1.3 MP. To get images in the dark there are also 6 bright LEDs, their light can be adjusted smoothly.
The angle of vision is 60 degrees and the minimum focus distance is 3 cm.
The cable length is 5 meters.
With the included software on a disc you can watch and record pictures on your computer in 1280x1024, 1280x720, 800x600, 640x480 or 352x288 and the video is 640x480 pixels.

Waiting 25.95 €

Endoscope with a 2.7 inch monitor (ID: E19)

The camera of this endoscope is 8.2 mm ins size and it's is installed on a flexible metal tube 1 meter in size. The viewing angle is 60 degrees, and for getting the best pictures there are six bright LEDs.
At the end of the pipe there is an easy to attach screen with 2.7 inch color LCD display. With its help you can record videos and photos in several resolutions. The video is in AVI file format with 320x240, 640x480 or 1280x720 pixels and 640x480 images respectively, or 1600x1200 2048x1536 pixels. All files are stored on the microSD card.
The device has a direct AV output for playback on TV screens and a micro USB port.
The endoscope works with a 3.7V battery.

Waiting 103.95 €

Endoscope-CCTV Tester (ID: E20)

The extremely small diameter of 3.9 mm endoscope camera will let you to look in the tightest spaces and the bright LED will finally help visibility in complete darkness.  The camera is mounted in a flexible tube 1000 mm long and 3.5 mm diameter. The image from the endoscope can be seen on a 4.3 inch TFT LCD color screen. It has a comfortable handle, which can be transformed easily into a tabletop stand.

Besides being an endoscope this device can also be used as a tester for CCTV cameras. With its help you can adjust the cameras by monitoring their image on its screen.

The kit includes a LAN cable tester, which you can check whether your network is fine.

167.36 €
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