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IP Camera for embedding (ID: I04)

FullHD resolution camera can be hidden in an object of your choice.
There is a microSD card slot on which can record when detecting motion or continuously. You can set cyclic recording when the memory is full the oldest files will be deleted.
Access to the Internet is wireless and the configuration is made in a few simple steps.
To control and monitor the camera on your mobile phone you only have to download the free Android or iOS application.

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(ID: I10)

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(ID: I13)

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(ID: I15)

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(ID: I17)

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(ID: I18)

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(ID: I19)

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(ID: I21)

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(ID: I20)

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Mini camera with resolution 1280x960 (ID: I02)

The small size of a few millimeters of this camera allows you to place it in the most appropriate places for you. You can embed it in plush toys, appliances, interior parts, etc.
The camera is displayed outside the main module with ribbon cable with a length of 10 cm. In the main body there are battery, microSD card slot and management.
In the memory card slot you can insert cards up to 32 GB. Battery capacity of 3000 mAh allows over 7 hours of operation.
The camera has three modes - photos, audio and video motion detection.

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Mini camera with remote control (ID: I05)

Camera 8x8 mm in size is installed at the end of a ribbon cable 125 mm long. The camera has a microSD card slot and battery with high capacity. For the controlling of all functions there is a remote control with an operatinal range of about 15 meters. The camera can take audio-video recordings, take still scenes and it also has a motion detector.

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IP embedding camera with IR diodes (ID: I06)

The IP camera can embed in your selected object and thus you can receive sound and picture from the desired location. Besides the Internet, you can use the camera for P2P connection only and receive the signal only within your home. The camera has a microSD card slot which can keep recordings. For operation in the dark there are four IR LEDs that you can start and stop remotely. With a free application for Android and iPhone you will have full control over all the camera functions. Video resolutions are four - 1080p, 720p, 480p or 640p. Setting it up with your home router is extremely easy. Fill only one text file with the network name and password and the camera automatically connects. In addition to phones you can get an image from the camera on a computer from which you can watch live picture or download recordings made on the card. Works with battery voltage 3.7V. Dimensions of the camera 15x15x7mm.

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