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Receiver for wireless devices (ID: DVR06)

With this 2.4 GHz receiver for wireless devices can see and hear everything that happens within your wireless camera range.
It is designed with a simple control and it's small in size. It is equipped with electronic control over the received frequency and you can easily select between the four standard channels, depending on which channel your camera is broadcasting.
After plugging the outputs of the receiver into the AV input of a TV you can watch the camera on a screen. If you want to save the received signal connect the output of the receiver to a VCR or other recording device and you will be able to save the recordings from your wireless camera.
Dimensions: 105x74x23 mm

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16.77 €

Receiver for wireless devices (ID: DVR05)

Compact and easy to use receiver for wireless cameras using frequency 2.4 GHz. It is compatible with all cameras that broadcast to one of the four standard channels. This device can receive audio-video signal from your wireless camera and you can watch it on your TV screen or record it in a video file. With the switch on the front panel of the receiver you can select the channel your camera is broadcasting to.
Dimensions: 139x80x20 mm
Incoming signal: 2.4 GHz audio and video.
Maximum distance: at power 10 mW - 50 meters within direct line of sight.

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14.67 €

Mini DVR (ID: DVR14)

With this DVR you will be able to watch and record signals from wireless cameras transmitting with the 2.4 GHz range.
Records are in MPEG-4 file format stored in a SD card (not included in the package) with a maximum supported memory size of 32 GB. From the easy to use menu, you can select whether the device overwrites the oldest files when the memory is full. You can also choose from three levels of recording quality of the captured files, 30, 15 or 5 frames per second for the received channel.
The recorder is equipped with a software motion detector and you can adjust the area of action and sensitivity and thus recording only when something happens in front of the camera lens.
The device is powered by a constant voltage of 11 to 32 V. (No adapter included in the kit)

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92.97 €

Dual-channel DVR (ID: DVR15)

This recorder allows you to monitor signals from wireless cameras and from cameras broadcasting over cable. It's very easy to manage and select which camera you want to watch on the big screen and the others are just in the "picture in picture" mode, you can easily switch between channels in a touch of a button. In wireless mode you can receive signals from each of the four standard channels.
The recorder can record in manual mode, and you can also set the software motion sensor to record only when motion takes place.
The recordings are stored on the SD card (not included), maximum supported size 32 GB. You can choose between three video resolution - 720x576 , 720x480 and 360x240.
The videos on the card can be played back on the recorder or transferred to your computer using the included USB cable.

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62.37 €

Receiver for wireless cameras 2.3/2.4 GHz (ID: DVR18)

The receiver is designed for reception of the standard channels in both bands - 2.3 and 2.4 GHz. Switching is done in an easy and convenient manner - by a switch on the front side of the receiver. The received signal can be watched on a TV monitor from the standard audio and video outputs. Powered by a 5V DC adapter.


Buy now 35.95 €

Video recorder for wired cameras (ID: DVR11)

With this recorder you can record and watch on screen the signal coming from two different video sources. The recording can be started manually or automatically. The recorder has an adjustable motion detector and thanks to it you to record only when the camera lens intercepts some movement. Switching cameras is done only manually from the front panel of the recorder. From one of the sources you will be able to record audio and video while from the other source will be able to record video only. You can watch the recordings directly from the recorder connected to a suitable screen.
Format: AVI, Mpeg4
Resolution: 640x480/30 fps

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74.97 €

Monitoring system with remote control (ID: DVR16)

With this system you can track both the sound from four different cameras it will have an effective video surveillance. There is room for various settings of the picture as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness by remote control. High resolution output:

NTSC: 720 * 480pixels 60HZ

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41.36 €

Mini recorder (ID: DVR19)

The recorder is designed to record from cameras broadcasting over cable. The device has an input for audio and video and one output for screens. It records on a microSD card (not included), and the maximum size is 32 GB. Records in AVI format, and you can choose between two resolutions - VGA (640x480) or QVGA (320x240) and you can set the number of frames per second to save space on the card.
Can operate in three modes - continuous with motion detector and combined. In continuous mode recorder is started and stopped manually. In motion detector mode it starts recording when there is movement in front of the camera and stops when the movement stops. Combined recording starts when there is motion, but when it's over the device records single frames.
You can use the device to play the records directly on an external screen.
Input and output video signal are connected to a BNC socket.

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43.16 €

Dual channel recorder for wired cameras (ID: DVR21)

With the recorder you can receive signal from two cameras broadcasting over cable. You can watch both in "picture in picture".
Recordings are stored on the SD card, you can choose between two picture sizes – D1 or QVGA, and several values of FPS -
5FPS/10FPS/15FPS/20FPS/25FPS/30FPS. The device has a software motion detector which can record only when there is movement in front of the lens.
Using the AV output you can monitor the signal on a TV screen and play back the recorded files.

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65.97 €

Digital video recorder - Wireless USB (ID: DVR03)

Digital USB video recorder that can be quickly and easily installed on your computer.
It accepts audio and video signals from four 2.4GHz wireless channels transmitted by wireless cameras.
You can record from other sources as well (cameras, video players, etc.) using the included AV cable.
Supports USB 2.0 interface with data transfer speed over 480Mbit/s.

46.58 €

USB recorder for wireless cameras (ID: DVR24)

This USB recorder running under Windows7, turns your PC or laptop into a monitoring station for wireless cameras. With it you can watch live or record the signal from the wireless cameras. It receives at the standard four channels in the range 2.4 GHz - 2.414, 2.432, 2.450 and 2.468 GHz. Switching between channels is done by a button on the body of the recorder.
In the package you will also fine cable for cameras that broadcast over cable. With it you also can monitor and record the cameras that transmit over the cable any standard audio-video signal. Also you can watch and record the signal from any video source - VCR, DVD, etc.
This recorder supports Windows XP, Vista and Win7.

Waiting 28.95 €

Handheld camera screen (ID: V23)

With this device you can check and adjust the cameras for your video surveillance. The camera is connected through a BNC input to the monitor and can also be powered by it. So, you can fine-tune in the desired direction. You can also save an image from the camera as a video file or photo and compare them in the future.
Device has a 2.8 inch LED display, one video input (BNC), the power output for the cameras (supports CCD cameras to 1A) , built-in lithium-polymer battery 7.4V, 3700 mAh.
Dimensions 220x100x42 mm.
Weight 150 grams

Waiting 38.95 €
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