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Keylogger - USB (ID: D06)

This is a small external device that sits between the keyboard and the computer port and records every key pressed.
The device works with all operating systems and the internal memory capacity of 2 MB allows recording of more than 500 000 pressed keys.
No need to install any additional software.
Accessing and managing the device is done by using a text editor such as, wordpad, notepad, etc.

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51.96 €

Registration system with fingerprints (ID: D48)

With this system, you can detect the time when workers come and go from work, registrer the hours of coming and leaving staff - factories, offices, hotels, schools, etc. With it, you can be sure that the employee is personally registered when coming or leaving the workplace. This system precludes registration of a card by another person.
The initial registration is quick and easy, the device has a user-friendly interface with convenient setting and a large 2.8 inch display.
Dimensions - 180 × 134 × 36 mm
Operating temperature - 10 ~ + 60 degrees

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79.16 €

Flash drive with password (ID: D66)

Stick a new generation of security code, which can save important information for you, without worrying that it will be available for everyone.
Size flash drive 8 GB


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16.48 €

Active 3D glasses (ID: D85)

With this product, you can enjoy vivid and realistic 3D images. These glasses are compatible with all the DLP projectors and 3D DLP tv sets. They have a 3.7 V lithium-ion battery that allows for more than 30 hours of operation, or 150 days in standby battery saving mode.
The maximum distance at which you can use the glasses is 8 meters.
Weight 37 grams.

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22.37 €

Battery charger - 2 batteries (ID: D84)

This intelligent device automatically detects the type of battery and provides the correct voltage and power for the optimal charge.
Charge level can monitored with the LED indication of each of the slots.
Charging stops automatically when it reaches the required charge.
Powered by Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries.
voltage - 220 V AC or 12 V DC.

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11.17 €

Mini helicopter with camera (ID: AH07)

Extremely small, lightweight and agile helicopter, fully assembled and ready to fly, made from sustainable materials and equipped with a camera for audio-video recording.
The helicopter has a rechargeable battery 3.7V, 280 mAh, which is charged for about an hour and allows for a ten minute flight.
The control is achieved from your mobile phone when you download and install the free application WL TOYS for Android or iPhone, depending on the phone. The range of the remote control is within ten meters.
The camera mounted on the helicopter recordes audio video files in AVI format with resolution of 640x480 and 30 fps.

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40.92 €

Bluetooth tripod for selfie (ID: D103)

With this tripod will have the perfect
selfie in every situation.
Lightweight steel telescopic stick ending with universal mount for mobile phones.
Connection between the phone and the tripod is through bluetooth. The handle have a button with which you take the pictures.

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Mini quadcopter (ID: AH08)

This quadcopter is suitable for people who make their first steps in the management of such devices. The flexible rings protect propellers when falling.
The lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 150 mAh allow for about 4-5 minutes of operation during flight. A full charge takes about 50 minutes. In the kit there is included charging cable for the USB port.
Management of the quadcopter can be done conveniently by a 2.4 GHz remote control.
Dimensions: 97x97x25 mm.

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30.71 €

Handheld fishing scanner (ID: D28)

This amazing product is specifically designed to help the amateur and professional fishermen detect shoals of fish. The device can be used not only in seas and oceans but also in lakes and rivers.
The scanner technology is based on the emission and reception of sound waves. Depending on the time for which the reflected signal returns indicates the distance from the bottom. When the shoal of fish enters the scanner's range the location and depth where the object is are displayed on the screen.
It is also suitable for winter fishing, you can use it after making a hole and even before that.

Waiting 38.95 €

Infrared thermometer (ID: D67)

With this thermometer you can remotely measure the temperature of your surrounding objects. So safely and quickly measure extreme low and high temperatures. The response time of the thermometer is less than one second, and the temperature range: - 50 ~ +500 degrees Celsius. If necessary, you can switch to Kelvin at the touch of a button. To make sure that you measure the exact temperature of the object you have a laser pointer that you can turn on and off. Measurement accuracy is 2%.

30.56 €
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