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Bluetooth tripod for selfie (ID: D103)

With this tripod will have the perfect
selfie in every situation.
Lightweight steel telescopic stick ending with universal mount for mobile phones.
Connection between the phone and the tripod is through bluetooth. The handle have a button with which you take the pictures.
The rechargeable battery with capacity of 45 mAh provides over 100 hours of standby time.
The length is adjustable from 235 to 1005 mm.
Weight - 169g
supports operating systems Android...

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Mini IP LAN Camera (ID: IP26)

This is an IP camera with HD 720p resolution, which works only with a LAN cable. To capture picture in total darkness the camera is equpped witg 10 infrared LEDs, which are not visible when operating. This device supports the most common protocols like HTTP/TCP/IP/UDP/STMP/DDNS / SNTP / DHCP / FTP.

Powered by 12 V DC.

With the included software you can play back the recordings on your computer. With the program you can use motion detector and monitoring of multiple...

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Video register with 2.7" display (ID: MC63)

Video register with 2.7 "display

With this small video register you get the ability to record everything that happens on your journeys. It works while plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet of the car, so there is no chance for its battery to deplete. This model has several video resolutions - 1080p, 720p or VGA. You can save your journey in still images, their resolution is - 3, 2, 1.3MR or VGA.

The camera has an option to take whole videos or they can be split into...

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IP camera in clock (ID: IP23)

The IP camera is hidden in a clock and you can always have a discreet glance at the preferred place. You can monitor the camera using a computer or mobile phone. With the phone you can start and stop recording on the card inserted into the slot of the clock. The camera runs on a rechargeable battery, independent of the clock battery.

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IP camera with card slot (ID: IP30)

Unlike other IP cameras with this one you can make local recordings on a microSD card. In the slot of the camera you can insert memory card and using a remote computer or from your mobile phone you can start and stop recording.

At any given time you can change the direction of the camera because it is capable of horizontal and vertical movement.

For recording in the dark there are eight IR LEDs.

The camera supports all popular protocols.


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Camera with two lenses – sport series (ID: MC24)

To capture your master driving have two cameras that can rotate horizontally 180 degrees and an angle of view of 120 degrees. One of the cameras is a digital zoom. The signal from the two cameras you can simultaneously watch the large 2.7 inch 16:9 screen. You can shoot in the dark, each camera has four IR LEDs and their activation is only the touch of a button.
You can choose between pictures in three resolutions - 1,2,3 MP or video in H.264 mov file 1280x480, 1280x1440 or 1920x720...

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Mini camera in car number plate (ID: MC33)

This mini camera is inserted into the plastic base of the car registration plate. It transmits via cable a standard video signal that can be used to aide in the park or be connected to a recording device. The camera is waterproof and is resistant to high humidity, temperature and dust.

Sensor - VC707 (CCD Chip)

Video standard - NTSC / PAL

resolution - 656 × 492 pixels

Minimum illumination -...

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Endoscope-CCTV Tester (ID: E20)

The extremely small diameter of 3.9 mm endoscope camera will let you to look in the tightest spaces and the bright LED will finally help visibility in complete darkness.  The camera is mounted in a flexible tube 1000 mm long and 3.5 mm diameter. The image from the endoscope can be seen on a 4.3 inch TFT LCD color screen. It has a comfortable handle, which can be transformed easily into a tabletop stand.

Besides being an endoscope this device can also be used as a tester...


A-GPS tracker for vehicles (ID: GPS21)

The features of the tracker make it an effective alarm system for your car. It has two sensors - sound and vibration that can inform you via call or SMS, when triggered. Engine noise or vibration from the movement will immediately inform you if your car is moving without your knowledge.
A-GPS function allows you to locate the location of the car based on the cells of the mobile operator.
Also, the device has microphone that lets you hear what is being said in the car.
There is...

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IP embedding camera with IR diodes (ID: I06)

The IP camera can embed in your selected object and thus you can receive sound and picture from the desired location. Besides the Internet, you can use the camera for P2P connection only and receive the signal only within your home. The camera has a microSD card slot which can keep recordings. For operation in the dark there are four IR LEDs that you can start and stop remotely. With a free application for Android and iPhone you will have full control over all the camera functions. Video...

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Wi-Fi camera in a smoke detector (ID: HD107)

With this camera you will be able to monitor a selected room on the screen of your computer or mobile phone using the Wi-Fi network.
This unit connects to your wireless network and can work as access point too.
With the included software for PC or mobile phone you can monitor multiple cameras.
The camera has a microSD card slot. When you insert such a card you can record and play the recordings back over the wireless network.
You can also use motion detectors to record...

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Video register with 2.5" display (ID: MC64)

This model has a 2.5 inch display and six infrared LEDs.

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Parktronic camera (ID: PA10)

Sensor: 1/4 & quot; PC1030

TV system: PAL / NTSC

Resolution: 712 & times; 486 (PAL) / 704 & times; 576 (NTSC)

Video Output: RCA connector, 1.0vp-p, 75ohm

Minimum illumination (not included diodes): 0.5Lux

Viewing angle: 170 & deg;

Power supply: DC 12V ±10%

Protection: IP67-IP68

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Sports camera with high resolution (ID: MC12)

This camera is ideal for capturing your sport activities, no matter if it's winter, water or other sport. The camera is equipped with a waterproof casing and you can rest assured that it will not be damaged by snow or water. It saves on the SD card and you can choose two recording modes - high resolution 1280x720 or low res 640x480. The different modes of operation and information during recording are presented by the informational display on the camera. It is equipped with a wide range of...

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Mini camera with an IR diodes (ID: MC62)

With this compact camera you can capture audio-video files or take pictures. The kit includes a waterproof casing that allows you to take pictures even under water. With the voice control the camera can start video recording when sound around it exceeds 65 dB, and stop when silence. This way it can save memory. Recordings are stored on the microSD card. In the slot you can insert up to 32 GB.

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(ID: MC77)

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