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Bluetooth tripod for selfie (ID: D103)

With this tripod will have the perfect
selfie in every situation.
Lightweight steel telescopic stick ending with universal mount for mobile phones.
Connection between the phone and the tripod is through bluetooth. The handle have a button with which you take the pictures.
The rechargeable battery with capacity of 45 mAh provides over 100 hours of standby time.
The length is adjustable from 235 to 1005 mm.
Weight - 169g
supports operating systems Android...

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IP camera in alarm clock (ID: IP24)

In this clock with dimensions 160mm there is installed IP camera with autonomous power supply. The battery keeps the camera working, regardless of the power of the watch. The watch is able to set the alarm at a specific time. You can watch the image on any computer connected to the Internet or your mobile phone. The camera has a microSD card slot where can record or watch at a later stage. There is also a motion detector that starts recording when an object passes before the lens.

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IP camera with card slot (ID: IP30)

Unlike other IP cameras with this one you can make local recordings on a microSD card. In the slot of the camera you can insert memory card and using a remote computer or from your mobile phone you can start and stop recording.

At any given time you can change the direction of the camera because it is capable of horizontal and vertical movement.

For recording in the dark there are eight IR LEDs.

The camera supports all popular protocols.


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Camera with two lenses – sport series (ID: MC24)

To capture your master driving have two cameras that can rotate horizontally 180 degrees and an angle of view of 120 degrees. One of the cameras is a digital zoom. The signal from the two cameras you can simultaneously watch the large 2.7 inch 16:9 screen. You can shoot in the dark, each camera has four IR LEDs and their activation is only the touch of a button.
You can choose between pictures in three resolutions - 1,2,3 MP or video in H.264 mov file 1280x480, 1280x1440 or 1920x720...

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GPS tracker with magnetic mount (ID: GPS16)

This tracker is equipped with waterproof case and its degree of protection is IP56, which protects it from moisture and rain splash. With magnets on it you can easily mount it on the car body.
This unit transmits location information via SMS or Web-based platform using mobile Internet (2G GPRS). Setting up all the parameters for the normal operation of the tracker is done via SMS sent to the card in it. You have the option to set the authorized phone number, APN setup, time zone, IP...

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Parking system in a rear view mirror (ID: PA06)

With the camera from this set, placed at the right place you will have a complete view when parking in reverse. For better orientation in space it provides a raster display system.
The screen that is mounted on the rear view mirror is TFT LCD measuring 7 inches and 16:9 and 4:3. You can connect two sources of video signal to it – e.g. camera and DVD player and stereo audio output.
Furthermore, the assistant parking mirror is a multimedia device. It has an SD card reader and a USB...

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Mini camera in car number plate (ID: MC33)

This mini camera is inserted into the plastic base of the car registration plate. It transmits via cable a standard video signal that can be used to aide in the park or be connected to a recording device. The camera is waterproof and is resistant to high humidity, temperature and dust.

Sensor - VC707 (CCD Chip)

Video standard - NTSC / PAL

resolution - 656 × 492 pixels

Minimum illumination -...

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Camera hidden in adaptor (ID: HD155)

Just plug the camera in and you start recording, you won't have to worry about the battery. You can consider the camera never stops because of low battery. It is powered directly from the mains and has 24 hours recording capability. There is also a handy remote control to access all functions of the device. This camera will make audio-video recordings in AVI format or take pictures in JPEG. To record in the dark it is equipped with IR LEDs for night vision. Using its motion detector, you can...

Not in stock €82.95

Endoscope-CCTV Tester (ID: E20)

The extremely small diameter of 3.9 mm endoscope camera will let you to look in the tightest spaces and the bright LED will finally help visibility in complete darkness.  The camera is mounted in a flexible tube 1000 mm long and 3.5 mm diameter. The image from the endoscope can be seen on a 4.3 inch TFT LCD color screen. It has a comfortable handle, which can be transformed easily into a tabletop stand.

Besides being an endoscope this device can also be used as a tester...

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GPS tracker without batteries (ID: GPS17)

This tracker has no independent power supply. To operate it you need to connect it to the car battery. The needed voltage is 9 to 24 V DC.
With it you can remotely control one of the relays in the vehicle (such as the one of the fuel pump). When you submit a command by SMS the tracker will turn off the fuel pump and it will stop the car.
This device is placed completely waterproof case, which which keeps the built-in GPS and GSM antennas.
This tracker has a vibration...

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Full HD camera in a desktop clock (ID: HD72)

The video, which you can do with this camera with full HD parameters. Clock makes audio video recording in AVI format with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and 24 fps.
Camera functions are controlled comfort and ease of a remote control. From there you can choose to do video, photos and audio recordings. You can also use the software motion sensor to record video only when the camera is moving.
Photos in JPEG format with a resolution 2592h1944 and audio in WAV with 176 kbps.

Not in stock €84.95

Video register with 2.5" display (ID: MC64)

This model has a 2.5 inch display and six infrared LEDs.

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IP camera in desktop clock (ID: IP18)

The camera can be connected by cable or wireless to the Internet. Then you can watch the image broadcast on your mobile or computer.
With the free applications for mobile phones with Android or iPhone and iPad, you can have full access and control over the camera.
In the microSD card slot, you can insert a memory card on which the device will store the recorded files. Start of recording can be done manually or by the motion detector. Then you can view recordings remotely.

Not in stock €123.95

Tracker-alarm for scooters (ID: GPS18)

The tracker is suitable for any moped, scooter and motorbike with battery voltage 12V. It can act as an alarm system to prevent the thief to start the engine of the vehicle and to trigger the powerful 125 dB alarm, but if this protection is overcome you can find the location using the aGPS system.
The device has a management module which hosts the alarm, tracker, headlights, relays, etc.
With the remote control, you can turn the alarm on and off, to adjust the vibration sensor,...

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Parktronic camera (ID: PA10)

Sensor: 1/4 & quot; PC1030

TV system: PAL / NTSC

Resolution: 712 & times; 486 (PAL) / 704 & times; 576 (NTSC)

Video Output: RCA connector, 1.0vp-p, 75ohm

Minimum illumination (not included diodes): 0.5Lux

Viewing angle: 170 & deg;

Power supply: DC 12V ±10%

Protection: IP67-IP68

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Ultra thin video register (ID: MC70)

This extremely thin video register, only 10 mm without lens will let you to take videos in fullHD resolution. Furthermore, you have the choice between four lower resolutions. The pictures that you can take are up to maximum 12 MP. To capture in the dark there is a white LED. Recordings are saved on the card, such as the maximum supported size is 32GB. The camera has a G-sensor that can save files in extreme situations and motion detector. All footages can be watched on the 3-inch color...

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