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Video register FullHD (ID: MC46)

With this video register you gain the ability to record audio-video files in resolution 1920x1080 with H.264 compression.
The wide 120 degree lens allows you to capture more things around the device.
The LCD screen size is 2.7 inches on which you can immediately play back the recordings. However, if you want to view the video in detail you can connect the register to an HD TV screen using the HDMI output.
The device is equipped with a sensor that automatically saves the footage...

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Registrar E-PRANCE FullHD (ID: MC60)

Video recorder with FullHD resolution, which you can record the route of your vehicle.
There is a 2.7 inch display which you can use to browse recordings or configure the desired settings of the device.
The video in MOV format and you can choose between four resolutions - 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480 pixels or 848h480. To have a perfect recording device has WDR function.
The pictures that you can do with the registrar are as JPEG resolutions, among which you can choose...

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Video register in a rearview mirror (ID: MC55)

With this device you will have a camera to capture your routes and a rerveiw mirror at the same time. It fits easily by placing clips on your mirror.
The image from the camera or the recorded files can be previewed directly to the built into the mirror 2.7 inch color LCD screen.
The video is in h.264 compression and you to select between five resolutions - 1080p HD, 1080p, 720p, WVGA or QVGA.
The pictures are in JPEG in resolution of 12, 8, 5 or 3 MP.
The files are stored...

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Combined ip camera (ID: IP22)

This device combines Wi-Fi IP camera and video recorder.
The camera can operate independently as a video register that you can put in your car and capture audio-video files to avi format with a resolution of 1280x720. You can use it to capture photos in jpeg with the same resolution. Battery allows about two and a half hours of runtime.
The camera can directly transmit audio-video signal to your mobile phone. Through direct, Wi-Fi you can watch the image on your phone. You only...

Buy now €51.95

IP Camera for embedding (ID: I04)

FullHD resolution camera can be hidden in an object of your choice.
There is a microSD card slot on which can record when detecting motion or continuously. You can set cyclic recording when the memory is full the oldest files will be deleted.
Access to the Internet is wireless and the configuration is made in a few simple steps.
To control and monitor the camera on your mobile phone you only have to download the free Android or iOS application.
The camera has a...

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E-PRANCE 2.2 MP Video recorder (ID: MC61)

This video register allows you to capture video in extremely high resolution 1720x1296 pixels. Wide-angle lens with 170° visibility gives great overview about your car. Videos in MOV format and you can change the resolution by choosing from the following resolutions:

1720x1296 1920x1080 1280x720

848x480 or 640x480 pixels.
There and WDR function for better image.
The device automatically starts recording when you start your car and...

Buy now €56.95

Headlamp with motion detector (ID: D99)

The bright light from the headlamp will help you deal with the most severe conditions. You will also have full freedom of movement because it turns on and off with just a wave of your hand. When you wave your hand in front of the headlamp the motion detector turns it on. When you wave in the opposite direction it turns it off.
There are several intensity levels of light and the raising glass for light diffusion.
Works with a battery or four AAA batteries.

Not in stock

Hidden camera in car alarm remote control (ID: HD16)

This is a small camera hidden in the remote control. With it you can record audio-video files in AVI file format in resolution 720x480 or individual images in JPEG format in resolution 1280x960 pixels.
Footage is recorded on a MicroSD card (which is not included in the package). The device supports cards with capacities from 1GB to 16 GB.
In the keyring there is a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows continuous operation time of about 1 hour.
Time to recharge...

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Loss prevention device (ID: D16)

With this alarm can make sure that you will never forget or lose things important to you.
The system is comprised of wireless transmitter and receiver. When the transmitter is away at a certain distance, the receiver starts sounding the alarm.
With this device you will never have to worry about losing your child in a store or if you pet will get away too far from you or that someone can steal your wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. Using this system is a very easy task.
With the...

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Wireless camera 2.4 GHz (ID: BC15)

2.4 GHz Mini 1/4 inch CCD camera, broadcasting audio and video signal with output 10 mW.
Size: 30x35x23mm
Automatic backlight compensation
Resolution: PAL: 628x582, NTSC: 510x492
Minimum light level: 0.5 Lux
Power Supply: DC 12V/500mA
Operating temperatures: -10? / +85?

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Bluetooth decoder for GPS tracker Haicom HI-602DT (ID: GPS01-B)

With this decoder bluetooth you can establish a connection to a GPS tracker without the use of a cable between your mobile phone and the computer. This decoder has to be placed next to the speaker of the phone and it sends the data from the tracker via bluetooth to a computer or smartphone. It is powered by two 1.5V batteries type AAA. On the front side of the decoder there is LED indicator to help you keep track of its operations.

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Dome IP camera for outdoor installation EasyN (ID: IP31)

The camera is protected by a durable metal housing and it can be installed outdoors, exposed to the weather. It can be connected by cable or wireless network. You are given the choice between four resolutions on the main stream - 1280x960, 1280x720, 640x480 or 640x352. The camera can be moved in two directions - horizontally and vertically. For getting a clear image there is a three times digital zoom. For monitoring during nighttime there are 22 IR LEDs. You can set up your computer so...

Buy now €154.95

IP camera with card slot (ID: IP30)

Unlike other IP cameras with this one you can make local recordings on a microSD card. In the slot of the camera you can insert memory card and using a remote computer or from your mobile phone you can start and stop recording.

At any given time you can change the direction of the camera because it is capable of horizontal and vertical movement.

For recording in the dark there are eight IR LEDs.

The camera supports all popular protocols.


Buy now €59.95

Mini IP camera HD (ID: IP28)

The camera can be used only for monitoring and recording without connecting to the Internet. In this case you can watch on your mobile phone within 50 meters of direct line of sight. From this distance you can manage to make settings and view recordings. If you need access from anywhere in the world you can turn it in wireless mode for your router and connect it to the Internet. Recordings can be stored on a microSD card. In the slot of the camera you can insert up to 64GB cards. The...

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IP camera in clock (ID: IP23)

The IP camera is hidden in a clock and you can always have a discreet glance at the preferred place. You can monitor the camera using a computer or mobile phone. With the phone you can start and stop recording on the card inserted into the slot of the clock. The camera runs on a rechargeable battery, independent of the clock battery.

Buy now €118.95

IP embedding camera with IR diodes (ID: I06)

The IP camera can embed in your selected object and thus you can receive sound and picture from the desired location. Besides the Internet, you can use the camera for P2P connection only and receive the signal only within your home. The camera has a microSD card slot which can keep recordings. For operation in the dark there are four IR LEDs that you can start and stop remotely. With a free application for Android and iPhone you will have full control over all the camera functions. Video...

Buy now €92.95
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