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GSM signal booster - 200 sq. m.  (ID: R02)

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If you have a problem with the signal of the mobile operator then you need a GSM signal amplifier. GSM signal amplifiers are widely used in areas where mobile phone coverage is poor. It boosts the signal strength and thus increase the operating time of the batteries of the mobile phones and reduce the emission of electromagnetic waves from them. These devices are easy to install and use. Simply plug in the antennas, plug the power cord and the amplifier is ready for action. With its built-in diodes can easily tell if the power is turned on and if added antenna picks up any signal. Suitable for residential buildings, offices, hotels, etc. Can effectively cover an area of about 200 square meters.
Frequency Up Link
Down Link
50 dB / ± 3 dB
55 dB / +3 dB

Delay ≤ 0.5μs
50 ohm
Power supply
Adapter AC 110/220V- DC 12V
Operating temperatures from -10 to +60 degrees
Indoor use only
220x140x40 mm


1. Install firmly the receiving antenna on the roof and direct it towards the cell service provider.
2. Connect the receiving antenna to the input of the amplifier (OUTDOR) using a 50 ohm cable and N-connectors.
3. Connect the transmitting antenna to the output of the repeater (INDOR) over cable and N- connectors.
4. With micro switches located at the input and output you can adjust the levels of the input and output signal for maximum reception quality.
5. Plug power adapter into the power socket on the repeater and that's all - the installation is complete.


1. If you do not receive any signal after installation check if the receiving antenna is directed to the cell of the operator and whether the place in which is placed has poor signal from the mobile operator.
2. If you can not make an outgoing call check the correct aiming of the receiving antenna.
3. If the signal is not stable verify that the transmit and receive antennas are not too close to each other. They must be like over 10-15 meters away and a wall between them. Also they must not to be in a horizontal line.


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