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Wrist watch with a hidden camera  (ID: HD69)

Category: Hidden Cameras
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Stylish men's watch with a metal chain, which can be used for recording audio, pictures or audio-video files.
Managing the recording is a quick and easy task – just with the touch of a button and with the other button you can switch modes.
Audio recordings are in WAV file format with 64 kbps.
If you want to take pictures, they will be saved in JPEG file format in resolution 1600x1200 pixels.
Video recordings are in AVI file format with 640x480 pixels and 30 frames per second.
The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you capture about one hour continuous recording. Charging is done by an adapter which not a Schuko plug or by USB port on your computer.
The watch is automatically recognized by all the operating systems and does not need any additional drivers.
There is an internal memory of 4 GB.

You selected a very practical and high quality product that will be your companion all the time and it will be a spy gadget. You were introduced to all its features reading the instructions booklet carefully.

Technical specifications:
Video Resolution 640x480, 30 frames per second
Photo resolution 1600x1200
Video format: AVI
Photo format: JPG
Audio format / record /: WAV format with 64 kbps.
Memory: 4GB
Built-in lithium rechargeable battery

Connecting it to a computer: Connecting this product to your computer is very easy - via the USB ports. Each computer has these available, but in some cases they are on the back side, so look before you call a professional. Then grab the USB cable that you will find in the kit, connect one side to the camera and the other to the computer, and on your computer desktop you will get the message that a new device has been found. If not, go to the browser / My Computer / and below all drives and devices you will find camera named Removable Disk. From here you can easily copy and transfer any files.

Setting time and date of recording: This device updates its date and time from the computer that it has been connected to. For this purpose, connect the USB cable, go to the root directory of the camera and locate the executable file WriteTime.exe. Run it and the device will automatically update its settings for time and date. When you capture video in the lower right corner it will display the current time when the recording took place.


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