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Hidden cameras

(ID: IP35)

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Wi-Fi camera in a smoke detector (ID: HD107)

With this camera you will be able to monitor a selected room on the screen of your computer or mobile phone using the Wi-Fi network.
This unit connects to your wireless network and can work as access point too.
With the included software for PC or mobile phone you can monitor multiple cameras.
The camera has a microSD card slot. When you insert such a card you can record and play the recordings back over the wireless network.

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IP Camera in PIR sensor with microSD card (ID: IP13)

The camera is mounted in a housing of a PIR sensor and allows you to keep track of the prefered area. Also, the device has a microSD card slot which can locally store the recorded information from the room. You can record pictures or videos on a predefined schedule or upon the occurrence of an alarm event.
Apart from your computer, you can easily see the image of the camera on your mobile phone. For this purpose there is included software for Android or iPhone.
It supports multiple protocols such as TCP / IP, SMTP, HTTP, UPNP, P2P, ONVIF and others.
Works with 12V DC power supply.

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IP camera in alarm clock (ID: IP16)

With this camera you will have a picture of desired location anywhere and any time. The camera transmits audio-video signal over the Internet and you can take it on your smartphone with Android operating system or iOS.
Connection to the camera is easy and convenient. Just download the free application, install it on your phone, set the parameters of your wireless network and you're ready to watch from anywhere.
In addition to mobile devices you can have a computer signal.
You can choose between four resolutions - 480p, 640p, 720p or 1080p.

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IP camera in digital clock (ID: IP25)

This IP camera can be used in two modes - p2p, when you do not need to connect to the Internet and you can watch it on your tablet or phone at home and the second mode AP, when using an Internet connection you can watch it from anywhere in the world.

You can take photos or record video, issuing commands remotely and files will be saved to the memory card. In the slot you can insert up to 32 GB card.
For operating in total darkness there are infrared diodes that can also be turned on and off remotely.

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IP camera in clock (ID: IP23)

The IP camera is hidden in a clock and you can always have a discreet glance at the preferred place. You can monitor the camera using a computer or mobile phone. With the phone you can start and stop recording on the card inserted into the slot of the clock. The camera runs on a rechargeable battery, independent of the clock battery.

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IP camera in alarm clock (ID: IP24)

In this clock with dimensions 160mm there is installed IP camera with autonomous power supply. The battery keeps the camera working, regardless of the power of the watch. The watch is able to set the alarm at a specific time. You can watch the image on any computer connected to the Internet or your mobile phone. The camera has a microSD card slot where can record or watch at a later stage. There is also a motion detector that starts recording when an object passes before the lens.

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