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Loss prevention device (ID: D16)

With this alarm can make sure that you will never forget or lose things important to you.
The system is comprised of wireless transmitter and receiver. When the transmitter is away at a certain distance, the receiver starts sounding the alarm.
With this device you will never have to worry about losing your child in a store or if you pet will get away too far from you or that someone can steal your wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. Using this system is a very easy task.
With the potentiometer you can set the distance after which the alarm will ring - from 1 to 20 meters

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Anti sleep devce (ID: D14)

This device will keep you awake and will always protect you from unintentionally falling asleep when you're behind the wheel or lurking when to spying someone. It works on the principle of balance. When you accidentally fall asleep the head goes forward or sideways. When this happens, an acoustical signal will immediately wake you up.
Put the device behind the ear and by moving it around the ear select the desired position. Thus you can test what position of the head will trigger the audible alarm. When you set the preferred position you can make sure that you will not fall asleep and miss the spied subject.

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Metal detector (ID: MD01)

Device for detecting metal objects that beeps or vibrates when metal is detected (you can toggle between the two modes just by pressing a button).
Simple and easy to use with low power consumption.
Powered by a 9V battery.
It is provided with a waist belt case and a strap for your wrist.

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Sunglasses with mirror vision (ID: D05)

These spy glasses look just like any regular pair of sunglasses, but they they provide you with the unique ability to see what is happening behind you.
The special coating of the glass allows you to watch over them and see behind you at the same time.
While walking or cycling you don't have to look back to see if a car is approaching.
They can serve as a mirror.

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Case - silencer (ID: Z18)

If you suspect that your phone is bugged or monitored you can quickly cut off any signal by placing the device in this case.
This will disconnect it regardless of the mobile operator, frequency or signal strength.
The case looks like any ordinary phone pouch and you can take precautions in front of everyone without even being suspected.

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Car luggage hanger (ID: D45)

This practical hanger gives you comfort when you have to worry that you will squander your luggage in the car, because it will be securely attached to the rack. On it you can hang to their shopping bags, briefcases, backpacks and other luggage on the back in your car.

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Cables kit for charging mobile phones (ID: D43)

If you have several mobile phones and every time you wonder where your charger is with this set of tips for charging mobile phones you will always have a large range of chargers in hand. With the USB connector, you can boot directly from your computer or to use any of the included adapters - contact or car lighter.
has the following tips:

1. Nokia 2.0 mm

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Gloves made of metal threads (ID: D38)

These gloves are made of strong steel threads and will be your protective assistant. They are widely used in everyday life because they are non-corrosive and resistant to shearing.

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Door alarm (ID: D36)

This door alarm will ensure the peace you need at home or in your room. It is placed under the door and serves as both a wedge and lingering sound alarm. Everyone who tries to open the door would pull this little wedge and the alarm will start squeaking. The sound of over 120 dB force will startle any intruder and simultaneously attract others. The alarm works with 9V battery and has a three-stage switch span.

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Level indicator - (laser) (ID: D51)

This laser level will help with any home repair. It will have more than 15 meters perfectly straight line that equate to different objects, paintings, tile, build a wall, etc.
There is room for both vertical and horizontal alignment.
device works with two 1.5V AAA batteries.

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Night lamp – Starry sky (ID: D55)

Impressive night lamp that projects a starry sky on the ceiling, suitable for nursery room with discreet light in.
Works with three AA batteries.

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RC11 Wireless Mini Keyboard (ID: PC03)

Wireless mini keyboard

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Wireless Keyboard with TouchPad (ID: PC09)

Wireless keyboard operating in the 2.4 GHz band allows for easy control of your computer or TV.
The standard QWERTY keyboard has additional keys to control multimedia applications. There are shortcut buttons to access the browser, email, media player, etc.
With the integrated into the keyboard TouchPad you can quickly control your computer.
The keyboard has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. For energy saving purposes this device can enter sleep mode. If the keyboard is not being used it turns off automatically and can be reactivated by pressing any key.

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UHOST Mini PC (ID: PC11)

Mini PC android TV

CPU: ARM ® Cortex ™-A8 @ 1.0GHz NEON

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Disco lamp (ID: D86)

This is a rotating disco lamp suitable for family holidays, discos, dance halls, night clubs, shopping centers, weddings, karaoke and many other occasions.

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(ID: D121)

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