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MMS hunting camera  (ID: HD50)

Category: Hunting cameras
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With this hunting camera you can send the captured frames as MMS. When in front of the camera lens there is motion generated by a human or animal the hyper sensitive passive infrared sensor will activate the camera and it will record a single frame in resolution up to 5MP or a video clip in VGA file format.
Once the picture is taken it can be automatically sent to your mobile phone using the GSM/GPRS network of the mobile operator. You have the choice of selecting between three different modes for sending - “Manual”, “Daily report” and “Immediate sending” and if the camera is in video recording mode you will receive SMS with the number of the recorded files.
By using the built-in infrared diodes you can make quality recordings even in complete darkness.
The camera is equipped with a 1.5 inch display where you can see the previews of what was recorded.
The camera is waterproof, small in size and easy to hide. You can set a password in the camera which restricts the access of third parties.
For the real easy and seamless use a remote control is also provided.
The provided laser beam will greatly assist the accurate aiming of the camera.
The camera operates with 8 batteries type AA.


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