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Electronic alarm clock with camera  (ID: HD57)

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With this versatile clock you can make videos in AVI format with resolution 1280x960 pixels with 30 frames per second in JPEG images with 1600x1200 and audio recordings to WAV format with 64 kbps. The camera has a software motion detector that will record video only when infron of the lens some motion is detected. Recordings are saved on microSD card, such as the maximum supported card size is up to 32 GB. Alarm management is done by using remote control, each of the functions is controlled by a single button. The operation of the camera is monitored by a discrete diode and its lens is completely invisible behind the dark glass of the clock.

Function description:
The clock displays the current time, year, month, day
With the alarm function you can set an alarm for the desired time at a given interval - from 1 to 60 seconds.
There is a voice feature that tells you the exact time

Settings options:
Time - In the locked position, the clock, press the "SET", to enter the system and change year if it is not current. Enter the year of the buttons "UP" and "DOWN". Each figure will change the moment when you enter information. Then again press SET, to divert the month - again with two buttons "UP" and "DOWN" to change the current date at the time. Similarly change and months, minutes and seconds on the clock to set the time

Once I set the current time settings, press the "MODE", to exit the menu and save the settings. < br />
Alarm - In mode showing current time, press "MODE" button and enter the alarm setting mode - you can see the broken bars separated by two points. In this box enter the desired hour and minute you when you want alarm to go off.
Then press "SET", to enter the alarm time by operating the buttons "UP" and "DOWN".

Then similarly set interval to be an alarm, you can choose from 1 to 60 seconds, and tune in to the alarm sounds.

After entering your settings, press the "MODE" button and exit the menu. If you want to turn off the alarm, log into alarm mode and press the "UP". You will see the time you have set for your alarm. To disable it, just press the button three times "UP". Press the "MODE", to return to the Time mode.

Time Format - You can, as with any digital watch can choose between two display format of time - 12 to 24 hours.

To make the necessary adjustments before the hour use the button "UP", to select the format and the button "DOWN", to select the degree system (you can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius < br />
Description Camera Clock:

This watch has a built-in digital camera that has a slot for TF memory makes video in 30 frames per second with a resolution of 640x480 pixels playback video. fits small clock inside these functions, thanks to the camera, such as video clips, use as a webcam, audio recording, self timer (motion detector), an electronic timer and the ability to store files. All in one single unit. supply is through a built-in lithium-ion battery that allows continuous video recording for 12 hours, and audio - 25 hours. This is a two megapixel camera, which means made videos or photos will be high quality, clear and detailed . maximum memory card that the device supports up to 32 GB.


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