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In desk clock

Camera – alarm clock with motion detector (ID: HD61)

Apart from the standard functions of the alarm clock – hour, date, temperature, alarm, you also get a spy camera with three modes. With the camera you can take pictures, record audio and audio-video. The camera has a rechargeable lithium-ion batter with capacity 2400 mAh but you can also use the clock constantly plugged into the main power circuit or the computer and that way you won't have to worry about the battery drops off the moment you need it the most.
All the functions of the spy cam are managed by a remote control as the maximum distance from the device is 18 meters.
The clock has a microSD card slot and the maximum capacity that can be used is 32 GB.
The camera has a wide angle lens with viewing angle 140 degrees and minimum light level 1Lux.

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(ID: IP62)

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1080p camera in clock (ID: HD157)

In an digital clock there is a hidden camera with which you can make audio-video recordings. They are in fullHD resolution - 1920x1080 pixels. The camera functions are controlled from a distance by using a convenient remote control. There are IR diodes to let it work in the dark. The camera has a motion detector software that can capture only when something moves within range. Recordings are stored on the microSD card. In the slot on this device you can insert up to 32 GB cards.

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