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In remote control car

Hidden camera in car alarm remote control (ID: HD16)

This is a small camera hidden in the remote control. With it you can record audio-video files in AVI file format in resolution 720x480 or individual images in JPEG format in resolution 1280x960 pixels.
Footage is recorded on a MicroSD card (which is not included in the package). The device supports cards with capacities from 1GB to 16 GB.
In the keyring there is a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows continuous operation time of about 1 hour.
Time to recharge the battery is about 3-4h.

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HD camera in remote control (ID: HD114)

The camera hidden in this remote will allow you to make audio-video recordings in high resolution. The files are in AVI format with 1280x720 pixels and 30 fps. You can also take pictures in JPEG in resolution 2048x1536.
With the built-in rechargeable battery you can capture video for about an hour. If you do not want to rely on the built-in battery the remote can record directly powered on by cable. Then the video recording starts automatically when you turn the device on. The kit includes an adapter for the cigarette lighter of the car.
With the cable from the kit you can watch recordings directly on your TV screen.

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Camera hidden in a remote with IR LED (ID: HD148)

This camera hidden in the central locking car remote can record AVI audio-video files in resolution of 1920x1080 at 22 frames per second. With it you can record in complete darkness thanks to the two infrared LEDs that you turn on and off manually.
With this device you can take with photos in JPEG 4032x3024 pixels.
You can use it as a voice recorder, recording only audio in WAV format at 705 kbps.
The camera has a microSD card slot.

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Car remote control with motion detector (ID: HD151)

The remote can capture audio-video files with resolution 1920x1080, takes pictures with resolution 4032x3024 and it can also record audio files.

Its software has a motion detector which starts video recording when it detects motion before the lens.

To be able to capture images in complete darkness the remotte is equipped with infrared LEDs.

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Keyring with motion detector (ID: HD79)

The keyring can capture audio and video files with fullHD resolution, take pictures, record audio files. Furthermore, there is a software motion detector which starts the video recording when there is motion in front of the lens. To be able to shoot in complete darkness the keyring is equipped with infrared diodes.
The device can be used as a web camera or removable storage.
In order to control the camera discreetly it has vibration function which helps you control the device unnoticed.
There is a microSD card slot, where you can save the recorded files.

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HD camera in a car alarm remote control (ID: HD66)

With this portable camera hidden in a remote from car alarm you can do audio-video recordings in three different resolutions, audio in WAV format and photos with 8 MP.

Video modes are:

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FullHD camera hidden in a remote (ID: HD140)

With the camera in this car remote control you can film in two resolutions or use it with motion detector or you can only make individual photos.
For operating in the dark there are two infrared LEDs.
Recorded files can be immediately watched on your TV or monitor using the TV-out cable provided.
In the microSD card slot you can insert up to 64 GB card. It will stored your recordings and they can be viewed, deleted and transferred to a computer without having to install any drivers. Simply connect it to your computer and the operating system will automatically recognize the device.

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