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Pen with 720p resolution (ID: HD128)

Resolution of this pen is 1280x720 pixels. It records AVI file that is stored on the microSD card.(card not included in kit) In the slot of the device you can put a memory card up to 32 GB.
By switching modes with the button next to the memory slot, you can take pictures in JPEG resolution 2560x1440.
The camera has a motion detector that makes video recording start automatically when the lens detects some movement.
The lithium-polymer battery allows about an hour of continuous recording time.

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(ID: HD159)

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(ID: HD162)

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(ID: HD177)

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(ID: HD183)

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(ID: HD184)

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(ID: HD182)

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FullHD 1080p pen (ID: HD149)

This pen allows you to capture audio-video files in fullHD resolution. Recorded files are 1920x1080 pixels and 30 fps. The file format is AVI. Immediately after recording you can view the video on your TV via the HDMI output of the pen and enjoy the high resolution.
For complete discretion camera lens can be displayed and hidden with a single movement. Of clips to attach the pen is handy slider that hides the lens in seconds.
In addition, you can do video and photos just by switching modes is done by pressing the strip pen. The resolution of the pictures is 2592h1944 and its shape is JPEG.
To shoot only when needed, ie when passing in front of the lens it has software motion detector. This saves memory and power.

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