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IP Cameras

Dome IP camera for outdoor installation EasyN (ID: IP31)

The camera is protected by a durable metal housing and it can be installed outdoors, exposed to the weather. It can be connected by cable or wireless network. You are given the choice between four resolutions on the main stream - 1280x960, 1280x720, 640x480 or 640x352. The camera can be moved in two directions - horizontally and vertically. For getting a clear image there is a three times digital zoom. For monitoring during nighttime there are 22 IR LEDs. You can set up your computer so that it records on its disc continuously or upon activation of the motion detector. When triggered the motion detector lets you upload the pictures to a server or receive them by e-mail. It works with supply voltage 5V/2A.

Buy now 149.95 €

IP Camera (Wireless) (ID: IP04)

This IP camera is equipped with a high speed video processor which is able to connect to the Internet with a cable or wireless. It has a 1/4 "CMOS sensor, MJPEG compression for optimized signal transmission.
The signal from the camera can be seen on a smartphone or on your computer, supporting the most popular browsers - IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.
Supports HTTP / TCP / IP / UDP / SMTP / DDNS / SNTP / DHCP / FTP.
There is a motion detectоr and the ability to trigger external alarm and send pictures to a predefined e-mail address.

Buy now 45.95 €

IP camera with card slot (ID: IP30)

Unlike other IP cameras with this one you can make local recordings on a microSD card. In the slot of the camera you can insert memory card and using a remote computer or from your mobile phone you can start and stop recording.

At any given time you can change the direction of the camera because it is capable of horizontal and vertical movement.

Buy now 59.95 €

EasiN P3 IP camera (ID: IP21)

With the free app for Android or iPhone the camera becomes extremely easy to set up. From the manufacturer's website p3.easyn.com you can download the necessary software which you can install in a few easy steps and then you can watch the camera from any place in the world.
The IP camera has a microSD card slot so that you can record the signal from the camera. The commands for starting and stopping the recording are issued remotely from your mobile phone. After that you can also remotely view and download recordings.

Buy now 46.95 €

Mini IP camera HD (ID: IP28)

The camera can be used only for monitoring and recording without connecting to the Internet. In this case you can watch on your mobile phone within 50 meters of direct line of sight. From this distance you can manage to make settings and view recordings. If you need access from anywhere in the world you can turn it in wireless mode for your router and connect it to the Internet. Recordings can be stored on a microSD card. In the slot of the camera you can insert up to 64GB cards. The device is capable of two-way audio communication and thus you have a voice contact with people on camera. The kit has a convenient stand which you can mount on a wall.

Buy now 40.95 €

Wi-Fi mobile IP camera (ID: IP29)

With this camera you will get picture and sound from any desired location directly on your mobile phone or tablet with a free application for Android or iPhone. From your mobile devices you can control the rotation of the camera horizontally and vertically in the preferred direction. The camera can be connected with a cable to a router or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. To operate in complete darkness the device has 11 IR LEDs. For saving the recordings the camera has a microSD card slot in which you can insert up to 32 GB cards. The device can perform two-way audio communication. With the motion detector this device will record only when there is movement in front of the lens. Recorded audio-video files are in AVI  format and you can select between two modes Smooth HD or resolution 1280x720 pixels.

Buy now 51.95 €

Wi-Fi camera in a smoke detector (ID: HD107)

With this camera you will be able to monitor a selected room on the screen of your computer or mobile phone using the Wi-Fi network.
This unit connects to your wireless network and can work as access point too.
With the included software for PC or mobile phone you can monitor multiple cameras.
The camera has a microSD card slot. When you insert such a card you can record and play the recordings back over the wireless network.

Buy now 75.95 €

IP Camera in PIR sensor with microSD card (ID: IP13)

The camera is mounted in a housing of a PIR sensor and allows you to keep track of the prefered area. Also, the device has a microSD card slot which can locally store the recorded information from the room. You can record pictures or videos on a predefined schedule or upon the occurrence of an alarm event.
Apart from your computer, you can easily see the image of the camera on your mobile phone. For this purpose there is included software for Android or iPhone.
It supports multiple protocols such as TCP / IP, SMTP, HTTP, UPNP, P2P, ONVIF and others.
Works with 12V DC power supply.

Buy now 111.95 €

IP camera in alarm clock (ID: IP16)

With this camera you will have a picture of desired location anywhere and any time. The camera transmits audio-video signal over the Internet and you can take it on your smartphone with Android operating system or iOS.
Connection to the camera is easy and convenient. Just download the free application, install it on your phone, set the parameters of your wireless network and you're ready to watch from anywhere.
In addition to mobile devices you can have a computer signal.
You can choose between four resolutions - 480p, 640p, 720p or 1080p.

Buy now 103.95 €

IP camera in digital clock (ID: IP25)

This IP camera can be used in two modes - p2p, when you do not need to connect to the Internet and you can watch it on your tablet or phone at home and the second mode AP, when using an Internet connection you can watch it from anywhere in the world.

You can take photos or record video, issuing commands remotely and files will be saved to the memory card. In the slot you can insert up to 32 GB card.
For operating in total darkness there are infrared diodes that can also be turned on and off remotely.

Buy now 96.95 €

IP camera in clock (ID: IP23)

The IP camera is hidden in a clock and you can always have a discreet glance at the preferred place. You can monitor the camera using a computer or mobile phone. With the phone you can start and stop recording on the card inserted into the slot of the clock. The camera runs on a rechargeable battery, independent of the clock battery.

Buy now 118.95 €

IP Camera for embedding (ID: I04)

FullHD resolution camera can be hidden in an object of your choice.
There is a microSD card slot on which can record when detecting motion or continuously. You can set cyclic recording when the memory is full the oldest files will be deleted.
Access to the Internet is wireless and the configuration is made in a few simple steps.
To control and monitor the camera on your mobile phone you only have to download the free Android or iOS application.

Buy now 100.95 €

IP embedding camera with IR diodes (ID: I06)

The IP camera can embed in your selected object and thus you can receive sound and picture from the desired location. Besides the Internet, you can use the camera for P2P connection only and receive the signal only within your home. The camera has a microSD card slot which can keep recordings. For operation in the dark there are four IR LEDs that you can start and stop remotely. With a free application for Android and iPhone you will have full control over all the camera functions. Video resolutions are four - 1080p, 720p, 480p or 640p. Setting it up with your home router is extremely easy. Fill only one text file with the network name and password and the camera automatically connects. In addition to phones you can get an image from the camera on a computer from which you can watch live picture or download recordings made on the card. Works with battery voltage 3.7V. Dimensions of the camera 15x15x7mm.

Buy now 103.95 €

Mini HD IP camera (ID: IP17)

Easy to use IP camera, which does not need any router settings and a static IP address.
With the mobile phone operating system Android or iOS you can have picture and sound at any place you are. On your mobile phone you can watch, record or modify the parameters of the camera.
With ¼" CMOS sensor you can choose between four modes:
1280x720 / 15 fps,

Buy now 97.95 €

Mini IP LAN Camera (ID: IP26)

This is an IP camera with HD 720p resolution, which works only with a LAN cable. To capture picture in total darkness the camera is equpped witg 10 infrared LEDs, which are not visible when operating. This device supports the most common protocols like HTTP/TCP/IP/UDP/STMP/DDNS / SNTP / DHCP / FTP.

Powered by 12 V DC.

Buy now 82.95 €

Wi-Fi IP camera (ID: IP19)

With this wireless IP camera you will have sound and a picture of where you hide it. Only internet and mobile phone are required to watch it.
The free app for Android or iOS gives you full control over the camera using your phone. You can watch, record videos, take pictures or view already made recordings.
The camera can operate in two modes p2p or AP.
You can choose between four resolutions.

Waiting 97.95 €

IP camera in alarm clock (ID: IP24)

In this clock with dimensions 160mm there is installed IP camera with autonomous power supply. The battery keeps the camera working, regardless of the power of the watch. The watch is able to set the alarm at a specific time. You can watch the image on any computer connected to the Internet or your mobile phone. The camera has a microSD card slot where can record or watch at a later stage. There is also a motion detector that starts recording when an object passes before the lens.

Waiting 56.95 €

Mini IP Camera (ID: IP14)

With its small size 40x40x31 this IP camera can be successfully concealed. Regardless of the size it will transmit audio-video signal through a wireless or wired Internet connection.
With the camera you will be able to choose from three different resolutions HD (1280x720) VGA (640x480)
QVGA (320x240) minimum illumination of 0.5Lux.
There are several levels of access control by user name and password.

Waiting 64.95 €
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