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Mini wireless headset  (ID: MS01)

Category: Mini wireless headsets
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This wireless headset is a micro inductive receiver which receives the audio signal by means of electromagnetic induction. This device is one unidirectional receiver that you can plug into your cell phone, radio receiver, mp3 player or any other audio source. Its extremely small size makes it almost invisible.
Principle of operation:
Inductive loop is placed around the neck and using jack plugs into the audio source. The headset is powered by a zinc battery - 1.55V.
Using electromagnetic induction the audio signal is induced by the loop to the headset. The closer the headset is to the loop the louder the sound will be.
This kit includes:
- Mini wireless headset
- Inductive loop with a 2.5 mm audio jack.
- Adapter 2.5mm. to 3.5 mm. jack
- Adapter 3.5 mm. jack to NOKIA jack

If you want to have a conversation on the phone or listen to music and go unnoticed this mini wireless headset is the perfect solution for you.


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