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Other hidden cameras

Security hidden camera with motion detector (ID: HD33)

This camera with motion detection and a powerful flashlight is one completely safe to use security system. When the motion indicator is activated then the camera record for 10 seconds audio-video files on the memory card until the motion stops (supports up to 32 GB, no card included in the kit). The camera also has a light sensor when it detects movement in low lighting it tuns on the LED flashlight so that every movement be clearly recorded in resolution of 640x480 in AVI format. The effective range of the motion sensor is up to 8 meters and LED lit the area within 15 meters. Made of waterproof materials this allows for outdoor use. When the memory is over the device overwrites the oldest files.

This camera doesn't support battery and will only work when plugged with adapter.

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Pocket Hidden Camera (mimics a pen) (ID: HD55)

Placed in the pocket, this little hidden camera can successfully imitate a pen. With it you can do video recording in AVI format in two resolutions, 640x480 or 320x240 pixels. Recordings are stored on the microSD card (not included in kit) 32 GB maximum supported card storage. Data can be transferred to your PC without installing any drivers. The camera will be automatically detected by the operating system after turning the computer on. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides approximately three hours of continuous recording. Dimensions 133x23x14 mm.

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Hidden camera in a hat (ID: HD104)

This hat is the perfect tool for espionage. With its help you without any suspicion can make audio video recording or only single high-resolution images. To capture only when necessary there is a remote control provided. With its help you can start and stop video or take pictures in a single button press.
The hat has 360 mAh battery and a microSD card slot.
Video is in AVI format with a resolution 640х480/30 fps, and photos are in JPEG with the same resolution - 640х480.

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Camera in picture (ID: HD116)

In the hand-made oil painting there is a hidden camera operated by remote control.
Picture size is 29x23 , 5 cm
Working with the camera is very easy and convenient. With just one push of a button on the remote you start recording. To stop it just press the same button again.
The device has internal memory capacity of 4 GB and a rechargeable battery that allows about an hour and a half continuous recording.

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Camera hidden in light switch (ID: HD123)

This camera is cleverly disguised in imitation switch. Placed in the right place, it will record the objects you are interested in without suspicion.
For ease of operation there is a 2.4 GHz remote control with which you can control the camera from 20 meters.
With this device you capture audio and video files in AVI 1280x960 pixel resolution or JPEG photos with 1280x1024.
The camera has a motion detector that will only record when the camera detects movement there.

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H.264 mini camera (ID: HD131)

With the camera placed in a jacket pocket or other convenient place, you can make hidden records.
The camera has a slot in which you can insert a microSD card up to 32 GB.
This device will make audio-video recordings with impressive resolution of 1280x720 pixels and 30 frames per second. The video is in mov format.
Also, you can make individual images in JPEG resolution 4032x3024.

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Camera hidden in the power supply adapter (ID: HD139)

The camera captures audio-video files in AVI format with 720x480 resolution at 30 frames per second.
There is an internal memory of 4 GB, which is used for saving the recordings. For connection to a computer it is automatically recognized by the operating system.
Controlling the recording is done by a remote control.
The device has a rechargeable battery that gives about two hours of continuous operation. To recharge it, please, use the USB port of the adapter.

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(ID: MC80)

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(ID: HD164)

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(ID: MC85)

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(ID: HD166)

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(ID: MC94)

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Camera hidden in a picture (ID: HD115)

With the camera hidden in this picture you can record what happens in your home, office or other area without causing unnecessary suspicion among others.
The camera is so well hidden in the picture that it can not be seen even after a comprehensive examination.
Working with it is extremely easy – there is a remote control and you start recording with the push of a button.
Audio and video files are in AVI format with in resolution 720x480 and 30 fps.
The camera has an internal memory of 4 GB.

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