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Camera - button  (ID: HD67)

Category: Other hidden cameras
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The lens on this camera, hidden behind a real button will remain unseen even to the most observant. To make the disguise perfect there are four additional buttons included to sew to your clothes.
With this camera you can record audio and video files in AVI file format in resolution 640x480 or take pictures in JPEG file format in resolution 1280x960 pixels.
Switching modes is done by pressing the back of the camera. The device has an internal memory of 4 GB and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides about an hour of continuous use.

Instructions for use:

- Power on - press the on/off button and hold it down for one second. After a while, the device will turn on and yellow indicator is on and then it's off and lights up blue light, which means that the camera-button is ready for use.

- Off - press the same button under any mode, the device will record and store -made to date files, and then the blue light turns off and the camera is turned off.

- To switch from one mode to another you can use the converter which is at the bottom of the camera. Click it with a thin and sharp object. To go into the photo mode for example, press once while in standby mode. When entering the device automatically sets the video mode. When switching from photo to video mode, the device automatically saves in the memory if you've been recording video.

- Shooting - To take a picture, just while in photo mode, press the turn off button once and the yellow indicator will light up for a moment and then it will turn off. This means that the camera takes a photo. Then it automatically stores it. And the device returns to its original condition in photo mode.

- Continuous shooting - you can capture successive images one after another. To do this , press and hold the button for a second and then the blue LED will illuminate and the unit will start making several consecutive photos that will preserve his memory .

- The camera turns off when after about a minute or two , there is no action to preserve power .
If the power is completed , the device records video in a file entry you doing at the moment , then turns off .

- Disable - To stop your camera button just below the photo mode , press and hold for a little knob on / off switch , the yellow indicator goes out and your camera stops. If you decide to turn off the camera capturing video at this point, the machine will save the document and only then will turn off.

- Connecting to a PC - For the off position , connect the USB port of your computer mini camera - button. After contacting both the yellow indicator will light up and the desktop on your computer will show a notification that found new hardware . The operating system recognizes it as a portable flash drive.

- Load - For the off position , connect the small camera button to your computer via USB cable. The device starts charging , and can be understood by the red indicator is lit . Once the camera is charged, the red indicator turns off .

- Reset - To reset the device , use a toothpick or other sharp, non-metallic objects with which you can tap the hollow reset on the back of the device.

- Settings during shooting - to see the real timestamp of the video you must follow these steps:
- Plug the device into your computer via the USB port, then click twice quickly on the icon in the browser and enter the root directory.
- In the root directory of the device create a text document called systemtime.txt, enter the current time and date in this format: 2012-01-01 10:24:25
- Then save the file in the root directory and disconnect the device from the computer. Wait a few seconds before you start using it.


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