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Digital video recorder - Wireless USB (ID: DVR03)

Digital USB video recorder that can be quickly and easily installed on your computer.
It accepts audio and video signals from four 2.4GHz wireless channels transmitted by wireless cameras.
You can record from other sources as well (cameras, video players, etc.) using the included AV cable.
Supports USB 2.0 interface with data transfer speed over 480Mbit/s.

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46.58 €

DVR01 - Motion Activation,Remote Control Mini DVR (ID: DVR01)

Motion activation,keep recording as a file per 30 minutes (not 10 seconds like others)

High clear image / video camera with 640 x 480 pixels resolution;

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86.37 €

Keylogger - USB (ID: D06)

This is a small external device that sits between the keyboard and the computer port and records every key pressed.
The device works with all operating systems and the internal memory capacity of 2 MB allows recording of more than 500 000 pressed keys.
No need to install any additional software.
Accessing and managing the device is done by using a text editor such as, wordpad, notepad, etc.

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51.96 €

Wireless camera 2.4 GHz (ID: BC15)

2.4 GHz Mini 1/4 inch CCD camera, broadcasting audio and video signal with output 10 mW.
Size: 30x35x23mm
Automatic backlight compensation
Resolution: PAL: 628x582, NTSC: 510x492

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30.57 €

Fake camera with solar panel (ID: HD101)

This camera mimics a real one, it has a motion detector that turns it around when something is moving close by. Along with the rotation there is a bright LED included.
The camera works with three AA batteries. It is equipped with a solar panel that can charge batteries and thus you can use it indefinitely without having to worry about changing batteries.
Dimensions: 210 * 92 * 70 mm.

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20.76 €

Wireless camera 2.4 GHz (ID: BC11)

Ultra small wireless camera with bare size of 23x23x23mm.
Sensor: 1/3 "CMOS
Resolution: PAL: 628x582, NTSC: 510x492
The camera has a built-in microphone.

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16.48 €

Digital audio recorder with 2 GB of memory (ID: D12)

This device combines flash memory with capacity of 2 GB and a digital audio recorder. At first glance and even after more detailed inspection you can not distinguish this device from a simple flash drive, but it conceals a powerful device for audio recording. Starting the recording session is done by a single slide of a button and you can record crystal clear sound within 5 meters away from the device. There are no light indicators and nothing can discredit you when capturing secret recordings with this digital audio recorder. There is a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows more than 8 hours of continuous operation of the recorder.
The 2 GB memory lets you store more than 120 hours of audio recording. To listen to the recordings you can simply insert the device into the USB port of your computer and you can play the files directly from the recorder or save them on your computer. No need to install any additional drivers for OS Windows 2000/ME/XP/VISTA.
Capacity - 2 GB.

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34.81 €

Hidden camera in a smoke detector with 4 GB internal memory (ID: HD96)

Sensor, which also holds the camera is completely realistic and would not be suspected in any way when you mount it on the ceiling.
Using the device is easy and convenient thanks to the remote control. With it you can remotely control all functions of the hidden camera.
Installation and removal of the sensor is only unwinding it so you can easily download and save the files to your computer.
With the camera you can pictures , audio-video recordings and use the software motion detector.

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46.71 €

Dummy camera with motion detector (ID: HD102)

The camera mimics a real one and successfully repels intruders.
There is a motion detector that triggers the rotation of the camera and the LEDs.
Works with three 1.5V AA batteries.
Dimensions 150 * 58 * 55 mm.

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9.56 €

Loss prevention device (ID: D16)

With this alarm can make sure that you will never forget or lose things important to you.
The system is comprised of wireless transmitter and receiver. When the transmitter is away at a certain distance, the receiver starts sounding the alarm.
With this device you will never have to worry about losing your child in a store or if you pet will get away too far from you or that someone can steal your wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. Using this system is a very easy task.
With the potentiometer you can set the distance after which the alarm will ring - from 1 to 20 meters

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9.77 €

External Antenna for GPS tracker Haicom HI-602DT (ID: GPS01-A)

This external antenna for the GPS tracker Haicom HI-602DT can receive signals from satellites even if tracker is kept in more covered places.
Plug it into the external antenna jack on the tracker and attach the other end to a more suitable open area.
Cable length: 5 m.

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10.48 €

A device for recording data for GPS tracker Haicom HI-602DT (ID: GPS01-L)

With this device you can record on a SD card all the position data, velocity, time and altitude from your tracker and then you play them back with the software from HAICOM.
Thus it is not necessary for you to maintain a constant connection to the tracker, and you can also transfer all the data for the route at once to the SD card.
The data on the card can not be read remotely.
The kit includes a device to draw power from the car cigarette lighter and you can choose whether to supply it from there or from the tracker.

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33.98 €

Power supply cable for GPS tracker Haicom HI-602DT (ID: GPS01-K)

To maintain a continuous power supply for the GPS tracker and not to rely on the rechargeable battery you can use this power cord. It has a length of 1.80 m and allows you to place the tracker at the right spot. Bear in mind that the tracker must have a direct field of view to the satellites so that the location can be determined correctly. If placed at the selected location the tracker is unable to connect please use the additional antenna.

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7.98 €

Bluetooth decoder for GPS tracker Haicom HI-602DT (ID: GPS01-B)

With this decoder bluetooth you can establish a connection to a GPS tracker without the use of a cable between your mobile phone and the computer. This decoder has to be placed next to the speaker of the phone and it sends the data from the tracker via bluetooth to a computer or smartphone. It is powered by two 1.5V batteries type AAA. On the front side of the decoder there is LED indicator to help you keep track of its operations.

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44.48 €

Car control kit for the GPS tracker Haicom (ID: GPS01-C)

With this device not only you will have information on where the vehicle is located but also you will have complete control over the vehicle. You can plug it into the car alarm system and to control two relays. If one of them is for example the fuel pump relay you can adjust the tracker in a way that when leaving a predefined geographical area it will stop the fuel and that way it will prevent the vehicle from leaving the area. The control unit is able to adopt an external sensor (not included in the kit), which can respond to vibrations or microwaves and thus receive information when the vehicle is in motion. Powered by electric current 12-24 V DC. The kit includes no source of power. You will have to connect the unit to the vehicle battery.

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54.48 €

Silicone case for GPS tracker Haicom (ID: GPS01-BAG)

With this silicone case you can protect your tracker from moisture and dust. Placing the tracker in the pouch is a quick and easy task, there is a hole for the power and data cables.

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5.98 €

Video recorder for wired cameras (ID: DVR11)

With this recorder you can record and watch on screen the signal coming from two different video sources. The recording can be started manually or automatically. The recorder has an adjustable motion detector and thanks to it you to record only when the camera lens intercepts some movement. Switching cameras is done only manually from the front panel of the recorder. From one of the sources you will be able to record audio and video while from the other source will be able to record video only. You can watch the recordings directly from the recorder connected to a suitable screen.
Format: AVI, Mpeg4
Resolution: 640x480/30 fps

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31.17 €

Hidden camera in handsfree 4GB (ID: HD42)

With this camera, hidden in a handsfree you can record audio files unnoticed, take pictures or record sound in wav file format. Being extremely easy to use this camera allows taking pictures with resolution 1280х1024 pixels, video with 640х480/ 30 frames per second or audio in 128kbps, mono.
This camera has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 4GB memory.

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37.56 €

Compact hunting camera (ID: HD49)

Despite its small size (140x90x60 mm), this camera has some exceptional features. With a 5 MP CMOS sensor, it can capture images in JPEG file format in resolution 5 or 12 (interpolated)MP and video in AVI file format 649x480 pixels.
Designed to operate in the most extreme conditions from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius. Thanks to its unique design the motion sensor can cover an area of about 120 degrees, and the fast activation time of 1 second guarantees that you capture every object passing in front of the camera lens.
The camera has a very low power consumption and thus supplied with the eight 1.5 V batteries type AA it can last for months in stand-by mode. The device has a 2.5 inch color display that where you can immediately review the recordings made by the device. The camera records on an SD card, the maximum size can be 16 GB. Infrared LEDs ensure good recording even at night. Images are imprinted with the date, time, temperature and moon phase.
Each picture can be recorded with a unique code on the camera so that various cameras can recognize the photos. In addition, recordings can be password protected and thus they are safe against unauthorized access.

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189.51 €

Dual-channel DVR (ID: DVR15)

This recorder allows you to monitor signals from wireless cameras and from cameras broadcasting over cable. It's very easy to manage and select which camera you want to watch on the big screen and the others are just in the "picture in picture" mode, you can easily switch between channels in a touch of a button. In wireless mode you can receive signals from each of the four standard channels.
The recorder can record in manual mode, and you can also set the software motion sensor to record only when motion takes place.
The recordings are stored on the SD card (not included), maximum supported size 32 GB. You can choose between three video resolution - 720x576 , 720x480 and 360x240.
The videos on the card can be played back on the recorder or transferred to your computer using the included USB cable.

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37.17 €

Cables kit for charging mobile phones (ID: D43)

If you have several mobile phones and every time you wonder where your charger is with this set of tips for charging mobile phones you will always have a large range of chargers in hand. With the USB connector, you can boot directly from your computer or to use any of the included adapters - contact or car lighter.
has the following tips:

1. Nokia 2.0 mm

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9.48 €

Headphones with MP3 player, radio and LCD display (ID: D40)

These quality headphones can play audio files from various sources.You can use it as an ordinary PC headset with 3.5mm cable you can plug them into any audio source such as a stereo system etc. Theire is a built-in radio tuner you can use it as a radio receiver. With one touch of a button it scans the radio range from 79 to 108 Mhz, stations could be saved.
This headset can be used as an MP3 player too. It has an SD card slot, where you can save music in MP3 or WMA format and listen on headphones.
Equipped with LCD display to keep you informed about state of the device and rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows more than 5 hours operation.

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17.81 €

Registration system with fingerprints (ID: D48)

With this system, you can detect the time when workers come and go from work, registrer the hours of coming and leaving staff - factories, offices, hotels, schools, etc. With it, you can be sure that the employee is personally registered when coming or leaving the workplace. This system precludes registration of a card by another person.
The initial registration is quick and easy, the device has a user-friendly interface with convenient setting and a large 2.8 inch display.
Dimensions - 180 × 134 × 36 mm
Operating temperature - 10 ~ + 60 degrees

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79.16 €

Level indicator - (laser) (ID: D51)

This laser level will help with any home repair. It will have more than 15 meters perfectly straight line that equate to different objects, paintings, tile, build a wall, etc.
There is room for both vertical and horizontal alignment.
device works with two 1.5V AAA batteries.

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8.37 €

DCS Amplifier - 2000 m2 (ID: R12)

Very powerful amplifier within the range 1800 MHz installation is very easy and the service too. It is necessary to connect a reception and transmitting antenna to it with 50 ohm cable and powered it on.
Important: th two antennas shout not be directly visible to each other and should be located on different horizontal planes.

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155.48 €

Endoscope with video recording (ID: E06)

This endoscope features a 3.5 inch monitor is able to record on microSD card. Video recordings are - 320x240, 640x480 or 1280x720 pixels and pictures are - 640x480, 1600x1200 and 2048x1536 pixels.
The camera is waterproof with 8.2 mm in diameter and has built-in six bright LEDs for extra light. You can rely on the flashlight mounted on the handle.
Length of the tube is 1000 mm and the overall length is 1270 mm.
Angle - 60 degrees.

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152.11 €

Kit listening device and audio receiver with recording (ID: B25)

The kit allows you to receive clear sound over a distance of 500 meters. What is more, you can record in a single touch of a button the conversations that are interesting to you and you can play them back immediately.
The receiver has a microSD card slot, where you can use no cards bigger than 2 GB. A card with a maximum capacity of 2 GB allows you to save about 100 hours of recording time.
Audio is recorded in WAV format at 44 kbps.
To have a discrete listening experience you are provided with a stereo headset included in the kit.

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106.36 €

Infrared thermometer (ID: D67)

With this thermometer you can remotely measure the temperature of your surrounding objects. So safely and quickly measure extreme low and high temperatures. The response time of the thermometer is less than one second, and the temperature range: - 50 ~ +500 degrees Celsius. If necessary, you can switch to Kelvin at the touch of a button. To make sure that you measure the exact temperature of the object you have a laser pointer that you can turn on and off. Measurement accuracy is 2%.

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30.56 €

Parktronic with color display (ID: PA03)

On the extremely thin display of this parktronic you will receive information about the side on which the obstacles are, sound and color indications for the distance in meters.
In the kit you receive four sensors, control module and display.
Power supply voltage - 12 V, and the operating temperature is -35 to +75 degrees.
Dimensions of the display are 78x30x16 mm.

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24.71 €

Parking camera with mirror-display (ID: PA01)

With this system for reverse parking you will have a seven-inch display, which is integrated in the rear-view mirror. The display has two video inputs as the second input can be used for a second camera, DVD player or any other video source. For your convenience the system has a remote control for brightness, color and contrast and switching between the two video inputs.
The camera has four bright LEDs that provide excellent visibility even in total darkness. The camera can be connected to the reverse lights and it will be the perfect parking assistant.


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60.26 €

High resolution IP camera - 1 MP (ID: IP10)

IP camera in a waterproof housing and can be placed out in all weather conditions.
The camera can be monitored and controlled directly from the web browser and supports TCP / IP / DHCP / PPPoE protocols.
You can record things on the disk of your computer just by pressing a button with the mouse or to record at a pre-defined schedule.
Besides over the Internet, you can monitor the camera via cable using the BNC plug and connecting it to a screen or recorder.

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109.17 €

Camera in a watch with leather strap (ID: HD88)

Real watch that allows you to take photos, audio, video recordings or audio only.
You can use it under water, because the watch is waterproof, but should apply the solid plug.
The device is automatically detected by all operating systems without installing any additional drivers and you can use it as a portable memory and transfer files to the computer memory.
Pictures are 12 MP resolution (4032x3024) in JPEG format.

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52.76 €

Camera with motion detector (ID: HD89)

The camera hidden in a real wrist watch allows you to take pictures and capture audio-video files. The video can be started manually or by the motion detectors.
Photos are in JPEG format with resolution 4032x3024 pixels.
Audio video file is AVI with 1280x720 pixels and 26 fps.
Clock is waterproof, but when used under water please to turn the microphone solid stopper.

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55.16 €

Fake dome camera (ID: HD94)

Fake camera that looks completely like a real dome camera and is designed to chase unwanted visitors away. It has a bright red LED that flashes at regular intervals. Operates on two AA batteries and comes with an easy installation with screws or double sided tape.

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6.67 €

High resolution camera in a smoke detector (ID: HD93)

The camera is mounted in a completely realistic smoke detector.
To be able to remotely control the functions of the device you have a remote control.
The "sensor" has LEDs that let you see what is happening even in complete darkness.
With this camera you can take pictures with resolution 4032x3024, audio-video recordings 1280x720 25 fps. There is a software motion detector to record only when there is motion within range.

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63.71 €

Camera hidden in a smoke detector (ID: HD92)

The camera is mounted in a housing that looks like a smoke detector. It records on a microSD card, you can put up to 32 GB SD cards. Mounted on the ceiling it can be easily taken down to be get the memory card out.
For more convenient operation of the camera it has a remote control. From a distance of 10 meters, you can manage all the functions of the device.
The product offers four options. You can make audio video recording in AVI format with 1280x960 pixels, take JPEG pictures with 2MP, audio in WAV or use the motion detector to record only when something happens in front of the lens.
The camera has 72 degree angle and minimum illumination 1 Lux.

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37.76 €

Bluetooth receiver and intercom for helmet (ID: D94)

The device is suitable for use by skiers, riders and all who use helmets .
Managed by the panel, resistant to bad weather conditions, a large and convenient button. With it you can accept/reject calls, redial the last number used and when you connect it to a MP3 player will be able to change songs, start and stop them too.
The microphone can be easily mounted on any helmet.
Along with the connection to the mobile phones the device can also serve to connect intercom for two or three users using the same receiver. This way you can keep in touch with each other at a distance of up to 1000 meters even at high speeds.

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51.55 €

Miniature tracker and GSM listening device (ID: GPS20)

The tracker works with micro SIM card.

the extremely small size 40x34x14 mm and the light weight - 27g make this tracker the preferred device for monitoring while remaining completely unnoticed. In addition, it gives you the current position, the tracker will allow you to hear everything that happens around it.
The device may be used even not for spy activities. With it, you can have two-way communication. Extremely useful to communicate with your children. There are two buttons that can be programmed to dial a phone number and a panic button that sends SOS signal to the two phones. Thus, apart from the telephone functionality, you will also know at all times where your child is.

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79.16 €

Parking system in a rear view mirror (ID: PA06)

With the camera from this set, placed at the right place you will have a complete view when parking in reverse. For better orientation in space it provides a raster display system.
The screen that is mounted on the rear view mirror is TFT LCD measuring 7 inches and 16:9 and 4:3. You can connect two sources of video signal to it – e.g. camera and DVD player and stereo audio output.
Furthermore, the assistant parking mirror is a multimedia device. It has an SD card reader and a USB port which allows you to play videos in AVI, MPEG, music in MP3, WAV, WMA or view pictures in GIF, BMP or JPEG.
The device has a FM transmitter so you can listen to the sound on the stereo audio system of the car.

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70.16 €

Parktronic with Wi-Fi camera (ID: PA07)

With this parktronic you avoid using cables from camera to a monitor in the compartment. The camera creates a wireless network that you can use on your phone, tablet or other electronic devices with a wireless Internet card. In this way, the mobile device will have a clear view to the rear and graphic reference to the proximity of the various objects.
To use the system you need to install the free application depending on the device - iPhone, iPad or Android.
The camera has protection IP66, the power supply voltage is 12V DC.

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101.56 €

Camera with night vision in a vehicle number plate (ID: PA08)

With this camera you will be able to park without difficulty even at night. It is installed in the mount of the number plate and can be connected to any video screen.
The 1/3 inch CMOS sensor produces exceptionally detailed image and the 120 degree lens ensures full visibility behind the vehicle.
This camera is in a waterproof housing with degree of protection IP68.
It is powered by 12V DC, and the video output is RCA jack.

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37.76 €

HD camera with voice activation (ID: HD136)

The camera has three modes and four infrared light-emitting diodes, which you can manually switch on for shooting in the dark.
Audio and video recordings are in fullHD resolution - 1920x1080 pixels. Format of the video is AVI.
You can take only photos that are in JPEG and 12 MP.
The watch also has a voice activation system. In this mode, video recording starts when the level of noise around it exceeds a threshold of 60 dB. This is the sound of a normal conversation.

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60.44 €

Fishing scanner with display (ID: D117)

With this fishing scanner will see at any time what lies under water or under ice.
With the camera and its resolution of 600 TV lines and bright diodes you will have perfect visibility even at greater depths. The image from the camera is immediately displayed on the big seven inch TFT color screen.
The camera and display are powered by a 12V battery with a capacity of 4 Ah, that gives about 7 hours operating time.
All accessories fit in a handy and robust metal case.

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155.21 €

GPS tracker with solar panel (ID: GPS23)

This tracker is specially designed and developed for tracking vehicles over a long period of time. When stopping the car it has a mode for battery saving, which completely turns the device off and the solar panel charges the polymer battery. This way the time for tracking is increased tremendously.
The tracker is made of strong material, hermetically sealed and has a very strong magnets with which it can be secured to the car.
You can choose between three modes for battery saving - entirely off without GPS module and GSM and working mode in which the tracker is switched on only during the specified interval.
Obtaining current location is also done in several ways. The easiest way is by calling the number of the SIM card inserted in the tracker. Then it will disconnect and will return information about the place where the car is located.

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123.96 €

FullHD 1080p pen (ID: HD149)

This pen allows you to capture audio-video files in fullHD resolution. Recorded files are 1920x1080 pixels and 30 fps. The file format is AVI. Immediately after recording you can view the video on your TV via the HDMI output of the pen and enjoy the high resolution.
For complete discretion camera lens can be displayed and hidden with a single movement. Of clips to attach the pen is handy slider that hides the lens in seconds.
In addition, you can do video and photos just by switching modes is done by pressing the strip pen. The resolution of the pictures is 2592h1944 and its shape is JPEG.
To shoot only when needed, ie when passing in front of the lens it has software motion detector. This saves memory and power.

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51.16 €

Ultra thin video register (ID: MC70)

This extremely thin video register, only 10 mm without lens will let you to take videos in fullHD resolution. Furthermore, you have the choice between four lower resolutions. The pictures that you can take are up to maximum 12 MP. To capture in the dark there is a white LED. Recordings are saved on the card, such as the maximum supported size is 32GB. The camera has a G-sensor that can save files in extreme situations and motion detector. All footages can be watched on the 3-inch color screen or TV using the HDMI output. The camera is powered by the car battery and has a backup battery only. The kitincludes a vacuum mount, power cable from a car cigarette lighter and USB cable.

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39.91 €

Smoke detector-camera (ID: HD97)

This smoke detector looks completely realistic and no one will suspect that it is a hidden high resolution camera.
With this camera you can record at night because it has infrared LEDs for night vision.
The device is equipped with a motion detector and you can save memory and battery by recording only when it's necessary, when there is movement in front of the camera.
To easily and conveniently control all functions there is a remote control to help. You can operate the device from a distance up to 15 meters.

46.76 €

Camera with powerful transmitter and receiver 2.4 GHz (ID: BC36)

If you have to transmit audio and video signals over a long distance, you can use this camera kit with receiver. In combination with any of the recorders from the Videorecorders section you can build an effective system for suveillance and recording. The camera is equipped with infrared LEDs that allow you to record even in complete darkness up to 10-15 meters away. It is powered by a constant voltage of 12V and can be connected directly to a battery and thus avoiding the use of the included adapter. Broadcast on each of the four standard channels such. Switching channels is done by using the micro switch.
The power supply of the receiver is also from a 12V adapter. You can receive sequentially each channel while on the top cover there is indicator for the currently active channel. You have two outputs for audio and video signals.
Camera features:

70.67 €

Tracker-alarm for scooters (ID: GPS18)

The tracker is suitable for any moped, scooter and motorbike with battery voltage 12V. It can act as an alarm system to prevent the thief to start the engine of the vehicle and to trigger the powerful 125 dB alarm, but if this protection is overcome you can find the location using the aGPS system.
The device has a management module which hosts the alarm, tracker, headlights, relays, etc.
With the remote control, you can turn the alarm on and off, to adjust the vibration sensor, to stop the power supply or to get the bike to show you its location with sound and light signals. For your convenience we included in the kit two remotes.
Vehicle tracking is done either by getting a link to the location or via the free web-based platform.

53.56 €

Parktronic with a 7 cm display (ID: PA02)

This parktronic will feel confident while you park your vehicle. It has four sensors, control module and a color display with size 7 cm. When parking you will be warned about obstacles at distance over 2 meters. Apart from the sound alerts you will have the information about on which side the obstacle stands, and three different degrees of warnings - green, yellow and red.
In the package you will also find a handy tool for drilling the necessary holes for the installing the sensors .


30.56 €
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