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Mini camera DV MD80  (ID: MC02)

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Extremely small camera, audio-video recording in AVI file format, 720x480, 30 frames per second.
It's a versatile camera that you can use as a web camera for on-line video chat.
There is a set of clips for attachment to various objects.
Equipped with a record button, a light indicator.
Supports USB 1.1 and 2.0
The recording is saved on a MicroSD card (not included in the kit) with a maximum capacity 8GB.
The built-in rechargeable lithium battery allows you to record about 2 hours and the standby time up to 250 hours while there is a battery saving "auto-power off" function.
When used as a web camera you will have to install the drivers stored on the installation CD included in the kit.

User's Guide for Mini camera MC02


Stand clamp silicone case connection.


This mini DVR camera is a device that records video with very high quality but it is very easy to operate, elegant design, small is worn quite easily and without the knowledge of others in different places and events. The device can be successfully used for recording conferences, schools, private investigation and more.



Device battery is a rechargeable lithium battery, you will need to load the first time you use the camera. Can be charged in two ways: via the USB port on the computer and using the power adapter, which you will find in the kit.
- Via the USB port it by plugging the USB cable prior to the device and the other end is included in the computer. Pre device is switched off;
- Going through the adapter to include one end into the hole, which includes USB cable and the other end of the adapter is connected to the electric grid.

Go in mode for capturing video

Press once the power button and indicator light flashes blue , which means that he is in start mode , switching to standby mode shooting is very fast . Press the start / stop recording , and the blue light is constantly red and blinks slowly. From that moment the camera record video , the resolution is 720x480 pixels and frame rate between 29 and 30. Then when you want to stop recording, just press the button again to start / stop recording once and the file is automatically saved after it has been stopped. Once recording is stopped , the red indicator stays on continuously without flashing. If you want to continue re- recording, press the button once to start recording.


- Be sure that you put the micro SD card into the slot , otherwise , the device will turn off after just 30 seconds.
- The maximum capacity of T-flash card is no more than 16GB.
- Record already captured files takes time, so do not press the button again or any button, charter prevent improper storage or even lose information.
- When shooting video, make sure that there are no less than 50cm distance between the camera and the subject you 're shooting, about not blur the focus.

Recording video via volume control

This means that the camera can record video at certain times when it detects sound form aloud, for example. About ea turn this mode you must press the button again to switch the device wherein one indicator turns blue then goes into standby mode. From standby, press MODE. Red LED blinks rapidly . This means that the device is in standby voice activation. When the decibel level in the room rose to more than 60 , then the camera starts shooting automatically. As with video blue LED lights continuously, until the red light blinks slowly . If after the start of recording up to two minutes no sound with height of more than 60 decibels , the camera stops recording automatically and goes into standby mode by recording before recording. Once again appear sound, with more than 60 decibels , she began again to shoot .

Setting Time

In the kit you will find a CD with the file you can synchronize the time on the device. About ea you can do this you will first need to copy the file to your TF card. Once you plug the device into your computer , it will sync the time via the camera to this computer .
Follow the instructions below:
- Create a file named TAG.TXT in the root directory of the device;
- Open the file and entered the synchronized time in it this way:
08/05/2010 - one line
22:52:03 - a new line
If the camera will automatically take the specified date and time, and delete the file .

Off :

Whether mini camera is in standby mode or can turn it off by pressing the off button and hold it 3 seconds until the indicator light go out completely.

Auto Off Camera :

Mini camera will turn off automatically under the following conditions :
- When you make a video without enough power , then the camera will just stop shooting will record there has come far and will go out ;
- When there is not enough memory in which the indicators go out suddenly , but the file will be saved before the camera is switched off ;
- When in standby mode and for 45 seconds are not taking any action .

PC connectivity :

MC02 Mini Camera can be connected to the computer as an off-line and when it is in standby mode or recording a video , in this case can be used as an external , portable drive , which can be copied to transfer or delete files . When you connect the USB port on your computer can take several seconds charter ea refresh and appear in the root directory of the system.
- If you connect the device with your computer, do not see it for 30 seconds in the root directory , restart it by unplugging and re- plugging it into the port on your computer ;
- If you want the files to be played correctly and without problems it is better to transfer them to your computer before watching them . Not that it can not be seen from the device , but because of the large volume of information , the device can not play smoothly picture and sound of the video file.

PC Camera

Mini camera MC02 can without any problem be used as a PC camera. How does it work? For starters you need to install the accompanying driver. It is located on the installation CD and says SPCA1528_V2220_M ... Setup.exe. After successfully installing the driver on your computer, double- click the document and follow the instructions inside. After completion of your desktop should appear an icon with the name AMCAP. Via a USB cable can connect the camera to your computer while on or off mode. Then press the MODE button once and at this point you can switch to PC mode camera. Then click twice on the icon AMCAP and already have a PC camera.


When for some reason the device does not behave normally in operation , it must be restarted . This is done by very gently pressing a button Reset, then you can complete the operation you have tried before restarting .

Note :

appropriate situations to use : Do not use despite and against the laws of the country for communication and electronic devices.
Operating Temperature : Avoid operating the device at temperature conditions above or well below the normal temperature of the human body .
Humidity and work : humidity at which the camera works also should not differ from the normal to the human body . Do not let it work on humid or wet it rain or snow without protective coating .
Illuminated : Use the camera enough light levels , but not direct it to direct sunlight or other light that can damage optical parts of the device .
Cleaning : lenses and other optical parts that cleaned with a damp cloth .
Protection Device : There is a danger of explosion if the device accidentally gets into flames.


Format Video: AVI
video encoding: M-JPEG
resolution video : 720x480 VGA
frames per second Video: 30 ± 1 fps
Recommended software for playback: any player installed into the operating system, for example Kmplayer
aspect ratio: 4:3
Operating System: camera work under versions of Windows Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista, and under Mac OS 10.4
Battery: DC-5V
internal memory storage: Micro SD / TF /
Battery Type: high capacitance Li-Polymer rechargeable.


Application: Comply with law , illegal use of this mini camera remains fully prepaid to the responsible authorities.
Battery: If you have not used the camera for a long time, you must charge the battery fully before shooting.
Security files:This is not a professional storage device and transfer data and important files, so manufacturers are not liable for lost files. Secure and save important files on your computer or other media such as flash memory, etc.
Picture Quality: This is not a professional device for recording video, so the picture quality may not be that of professional cameras.
Operating Temperature -10 +40 degrees Celsius: For greater longevity of the device is best to use it at room temperature.
Operating Humidity - 20% -80% : The device is not waterproof, so it can not run above or below normal levels of humidity.
Illumination: About protect optical parts from damage not direct the lens to direct sunlight, such as solar.

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