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Night vision set  (ID: D41)

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With this device you will have visibility even in total darkness, it won't need additional light because it has built-in IR source to help you see everything at full darkness.You can use it for research in nature to observe animals for hunting even it can be useful if you are trying to rescue some people lost in the woods.This night vision device works with a rechargeable battery. The package also contains a charger for it.


lens - 50 mm Lens
- 80mmF/1.7
Angle - 12.5 degrees
Focal length - 1 m to infinity
Running time - 20 hours in turned IR and 60 hours in the IR is off
range of IR source - 25m
protection - IPX4

This unique product is monocular with a unique design that allows you to observe distant or close objects and to get a clear picture.

Great for:
- Monitoring the wildlife
- Astronomy
- Navigation
- Searching for lost people
- Hunting

Installation of battery

Monocular with night vision, works with battery type CR123. To mount in the instrument itself, remove the lid of the container for the battery (6), insert the battery in the space, as comply with poles, and put the cover back by screwing the bolt close on it. Do not tighten too much.


To operate this monocular, it is necessary to keep it in a place away from bright light, to avoid damage on the lens, which is protected by a special coating. Once you have found the right place, press the On / Off switch., After placing monocular in a special bag.
If you are at night in the open air, press the IR button (2) to activate the infrared LED.
To see objects in darkness and focus on them, you must rotate the lens focus (5) and diopter section (4), while the picture is clean and clear enough.
Green indicator light (8) indicates that the device is switched on, and also the red light (7).

Attention! Always keep proper place with good ventilation your monocular to avoid irreversible damage. Do not point the lens at the sun or other bright light sources, do not clean with strong detergents.

The kit contains:

- Night Vision Monoculars
- Protective Packaging
- Cord Wrist
- User Guide
- Cap the lens
- Cleaning Cloth Lens

Important! According to what the weather outside is - moon, sun, fog, clouds, will depend on what distance will be distinguishable human figures or other objects that you want to monitor.

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