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HD sport camera  (ID: MC27)

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The camera allows you to capture you masterful driving while the rotating camera head allows you to quickly change the point of view of the way the interior of avtomobila. Recordings are in AVI format and are stored on the microSD card (not included) and you can watch them as on the camera and your PC.

resolution - 720x480 or 1280x720 (toggled with a button)
Video Format - AVI
Shots - 30 fps
Format Photo - JPEG
maximum resolution photos - 4032x3024
Sound - synchronized audio-video recording
Memory - microSD with a maximum capacity 32 GB (not included)
angle view - 130 degrees
Battery - Li-Ion 1800 mAh
charge Time - about 5 hours

I. Introduction of the product:
This is a practical and low quality car camera that will shoot your video or photo on an incredible way to give you the opportunity to enjoy the art of the last generation. Can be used as a web camera and a camera. With the ability to use anywhere on the road or at home, giving you an incredible sense of color.

II. Structural diagram of the camera:

III. Description of parts of the device:

1. ON / OFF, menu
2. Photos
3. Select a file review
4. Play and press OK
5. Reset
6. Switch VGA-HD modes
7. USB interface
8. TF card slot
9. Illuminator for machine status
10. Indicator showing the battery zrezhdaneto
11. Microphone
12. Screen
13. Lenses
14. Framework of the lens
15. Slot bracket for attachment
16. Hypersensitive device
17. IR night vision
18. Choosing a lens
19. Speakers

IV. Main Menu - view:

Turn on the device via button ON / OFF and the blue LED will flash continuously. To take a picture, press the same button twice.

V. Selection:

Under the Pick-up, press the button for ON / OFF, to enter the menu mode, as shown below:

To select a topic from the menu, click Playback, and to exit from the menu - switch ON / OFF.
The mode of taking pictures, press the Pick-up, in order to enter this mode and make a quality video of your route, for example. When you want to stop the video and save it press the same button and your video will be saved automatically. You can choose between two resolutions for shooting video: VGA and HD. Selection is a key 6, choose between VGA (720x480) and HD (1280x720).

VI. Photos:

When you are at taking pictures, press ON / OFF, to enter the menu as shown in the picture:

Take a photo with a short press of the button Playback. Save file automatically.

VII. Playback and file management:

To enter the playback mode of the file, press the button about three seconds Playback, and a short button ON / OFF, to enter the menu as shown below:

Press briefly Playback, to display the menu of this mode and to exit, just briefly pressing the ON / OFF button after you have selected the file you are interested it, and you have closed with OK. To view the previous file, press Photographing, and for the next - Pick-up. To view a picture, press and select Select Review, then short Playback, to enlarge photo. To navigate through the photos, press the Function. To view the video, select and click Playback, to run. ON / OFF button to switch into another gear - 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X. To exit this mode, press repeatedly over 3 seconds the button Playback.

VIII. Charging:
The camera has a built-in lithium-ion battery that can charge via the included charger. When you plug it into the mains, the device automatically turns on both LEDs - red and blue light. Loading into the cigarette lighter, and when the engine is running - is loaded, and if it stops, and stops charging. During charging, you can use the camera smoothly.

IX. USB storage and transfer of files:

Press the number 6 to switch to VGA mode and connect the camera to your computer via USB cable. You will see on your desktop in the lower left corner of the bar states that the device is connected to it and is in a portable USB flash memory. Now you can transfer all the files you need.

X. PC Camera Mode

In order to use your sports camera as a webcam, you must upload the drivers are on the disc of the set. Then you will be able to lead video calls to friends and relatives.

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