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GSM - watch  (ID: D64)

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Digital watch, cell phone, hidden camera – all in one. With this decive you have a fully functional mobile phone that can be used with the included headset - cable or bluetooth handsfree. You will also have a camera which can capture audio, video files or JPEG images.
The watch has a microSD card slot on which can save the recordings. The maximum size of the card that you can use is 4 GB.
With this watch you can use WAP and GPRS mobile Internet.
In the kit you will find two lithium-ion batteries, USB cable for PC connection, headset and microphone adapter for charging, instruction manual in English.

This an amazing watch that will bring some variety and will help you make the unforgettable gift for the real detectives or the spy amateurs.
To take full advantage of its features you should know that there are several things that you need to follow.

1. When you insert the SIM card into the phone, immediately change its PIN number. Best practice is to avoid the typical 0000 or such an easy to guess combination.

2. Do not use it while driving.

3. The first charge of the battery shoudn't be less than 14 hours. This will increase its capacity.

To enjoy your new digital gadget and its various features it is good to remember that you have to take good care of it. For a start, you should know that this is a watch like all the others and it is a bad idea to hit it or to be careless about it.
1. Do not press and pinch the display with sharp objects and try to keep it clean at all times. If it is damaged, do not use it. When you took it from a cold place / in winter / for example, do not expect it to immediately start - it needs some time to adapt.

2. Do not leave in places where children can reach it.

3. This product is not waterproof, so it should not be kept near moisture.

4. Don not use and store it in dusty places.

5. Keep away from direct heat.

6. Do not keep in a cool place to avoid condensation on the parts of the watch which could lead to severe damage.

7. Cleaning is always done right by using a soft cotton cloth without any active and corrosive liquids such as thinner or alcohol.

Notes prior to use:
1. SIM card - When inserting or removing the SIM card / T-flash card / from the appropriate slot you need make sure the phone is turned off. Inserting the SIM card is done by placing it with the golden layer upwards then apply some pressure slightly to lock it in and power up the device. It automatically enters the standby mode. When you want to change your SIM card, you should first turn the device off and then make the change as described above. The exact placement of the SIM card is like this:
- Open the back cover of the watch, where the battery resides;
- Remove the battery pack;
- Insert the SIM card on the spot and gently slide the card into the slot with the golden layer towards the watch.

Charging the battery:
Charge your watch-cellphone using the original charging adapter.
1. Connect the adapter and plug it in to the main power circuit.

2. Connect the other side of the I/O charging slot of the watch to USB port, as the triangular symbol of the cable must face up.

3. The LED indicator of the watch lights up when the battery is charging. Wait, because it may take a bit more time while charging for the indicator to appear on the display of the device. While charging, the watch-phone can be used as usual.

4. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator turns off. It's necessary when you first use the phone to charge the battery for at least 12 hours to optimize its potential.

Safety code:
As it's with any ordinary mobile phone, after three times entering the PIN at startup of the device, the card is automatically locked and you must enter the unblocking / PUK / code.

Battery installation:
When inserting the battery, let the text be upwards. Carefully open and close the lid and screw it tightly to keep it in place. Here are some key features that are available in this watch-mobile phone:

1. MP3 Player - Listen anytime and anywhere to your favorite music. Tap the button to select the music from a list of files, also with the same button again you select the name of the song.

2. Camera – apart from being a phone, this watch is a high quality
device that can do amazing videos. This is a very practical function for anyone who loves travelling or just wants to keep precious memories for years to come. To use this function:
- Enter the mode called "camera", then the camera starts and you can see the focus that is placed on the display of the clock.
- Select the desired settings for the image or scene you are going to shoot.
- After you select the settings, go back to the interface which shows the overview and press once the camera button and your photo is taken. If you want to delete the photo, press the "Delete" button and then go back to the interface that shows an overview before the photograph. Photos are automatically saved in JPG format.

3. Video player - With this feature you can watch short videos or delete them.

Basic operations:
1. Power on: Powering it on is standard like in most electronic equipment. Just press and hold for about two or three seconds the power button. The display will show Welcome, then the device will display the operation screen with menu and name at both ends.

2. Turn off: It similar to power on.

II. Call:
1. Dialing a number: The kit includes a sensor stylus that enables all the features of the watch, thus avoiding the need for fumbling the screen with your fingers and make it dirty. When you want to write or call a number, when in standby touch the screen with the stylus to show the virtual keypad. On it you will find everything you need for a conversation – numbers, important tasks, icons for confirmation or ending the conversation. You also have access to the phone book to find the number you need. To dial the number, locate it in the phonebook, press IP dial, then the number is dialed automatically.

2. Redial the last number: While on hole dial the last number, which you have spoken with and press OK to dial or save it. That way you can call it whenever you want.

3. Emergency number dialing: As with the ordinary mobile phones this extraordinary watch-phone will let you call emergency numbers such as 112, police, fire brigade, etc. For this purpose, simply dial the number.

4. International dialing: When dialing international phone numbers instead of the code 00, use '+'. First, you have to press "*" and then wait for about two seconds, and only then start dialing the number, starting with "+". Then enter the country code, area code and phone number itself. Press OK to dial it.

5. Answering calls: To answer the call, you can press a few options: Option and then On, to answer. To close it – press reject.

6. Missed calls: This stylish and very practical watch, mobile phone can store in its memory up to 20 calls. Enter the respective sector called missed calls and with the confirmation button you select a phone number whose call you missed. At the interface for saving press "option" and you access the following

Send MMS: Create, edit and send MMS
Check: read the contents of the phone records
Delete: deletes the entries from the list of missed calls
Save to phonebook: record numbers to the phonebook of SIM card or the phone itself.
Dial: dial
Edit: edit the phone number and stored it in the SIM card or phone
Send message: sends a message to someone directly.

III. Inserting symbols and text: Your mobile phone-watch allows you like any ordinary mobile phone to write an email or save important data in its memory. This is done with a selection of several states for inserting text - different formats for writing - upper and lower case letters, only small, English, Chinese and others.

1. Icon for inserting symbols - Once you enter the edit window or the entry of new information / phone number, messages and notes /, you'll see the following icons and symbols:

Spell input: Here you can see the Chinese character or Latin letters, depending on which mode is selected.
Number: "123"
English capital: "ABC"
English: "abc"

2. Character recognition and language - A very interesting and useful feature that recognizes words in different languages, input via buttons on the device. For example, click on the ABC icon and you can write in capital Latin letters. Before you create a note, it is necessary to identify the important signs that will be inserted by first selecting a character, then save the note. You can use the touch screen option for this.

3. Recognizing transcription - selecting the icon "Pin", you can enter characters from the provided onscreen virtual keyboard. With this function you can enter characters which are recognized phonetically and by transcription. In particular, this is so true for Chinese keyboards and some double characters that are important for making a proper phrase.

4. Detection and insertion of numeric characters - Select "123" and confirm by pressing the icon, then you can insert numbers in your messages or phonebook. A virtual keypad will appear on the display, from which you can select a number in one simple click.

5. Writing in English / Latin letters / - To write in English or another language with Latin characters, simply press the "abc" or "ABC" and start typing on the virtual onscreen keyboard using the stylus the required letters and symbols to write what you would like.

IV. Functions accessible from the main menu:
From standby mode, press the clear button to enter the main menu. There you will see the icons of the six features that are available in your mobile phone-wristwatch. To enter the corresponding submenu, simply click the corresponding icon.

1. Phonebook - How much space you have in your phone book, depends largely on the SIM card inserted in the device. Each entry that is added to the notebook can be edited as follows:

- It has the ability to quickly search. This is a feature that allows you to find any number in the notebook by the first letter of the entry.
- If the IP dialing has been set, it automatically starts inserting the initial IP phone numbers. Otherwise, you can insert a main number. Send MES: MES message editing and sending; browse / research / search and examine the contents of the phone numbers; Edit / edit /: edit any existing phone number; Copy / Copy /: you can copy phone records from the phone to the SIM card and vice versa, in order to transfer the data that you need; Move / Move /: if the record is saved in the phone, mobile phone operations will be transferred to the SIM card.

a / name search - When you want to find a record or group you can do this by using the search function by the name of the entire group, and then find your desired entry. In the section "Input name" you can find recently added entries and if you select "search" - using the stylus you will find the name that you need. Then you can also do a speed dial.
b / add a number - As it becomes obvious from its name, this function allows you to insert a new number in the directory entries on your mobile phone, wristwatch or sim card. Follow these steps: with the stylus touch "to phone", insert the name or use the already available ones, then position the stylus on "edit" to access the name and record that you can edit. Once you write anything you want, just click "done" and exit the menu.
in / copy all records / Copy all / - Useful and practical feature that allows you to move and copy phonebook entries between the watch-phone and sim card.
g / delete - This function deletes the phonebook on your phone or SIM card. If you want to delete them all at once, you will require a password, otherwise you can delete them one by one.
e / select group dialing / caller group / - This function allows you to choose five favorite numbers for which you can set different from the general ringtones, pictures or images that appear while ringing.
e / emergency number / extra number / - This function allows you to select an emergency phone number where you can call in the first instance. It can be either systematic or number of emergency services, as well as a close friend or relative.
g / settings - Memory status: displays how much memory is used, how much remains free in the SIM card and the phone itself.

Preferred location: setup memory location of newly added phone numbers.
Field: when you add a new number to the phone or its memory, there are various fields that can be filled as follows: marital status, number of company name, email, phone company, fax, birthday, icon, videos, ringtone of individual call or group call / call in group /.

h / the phone number of the person calling you is displayed on the clock.
and / receiving ring tones - you can make specific settings for each number you set a different ringtone so you know who is calling before you even look at it.

2. Messages:
Unlike any other phone this one is disguised as a wristwatch, it can send text or multimedia messages, receive such messages and process them.

a / typing a message - to send a friend or acquaintance a text message, just select the menu writing message, to insert the information. To: Enter the number or email address of the message recipient, Cc: copy the message to another phone or email; Bcc: secret copy of the message to a given number or mail; Subject: Setting the object of the message / title /; Edit content: field which is added the actual content of the message - text, image, sound and extras.
After entering the data, press done to go to the next step of by sending your message.
Send only: MMS sent written
Save and send: send MMS and store a copy in the Outbox
Save to drafts: save the message in the Outbox, from where you can send it to the recipient later.
Send option: setting the MMS
Edit: edit the MMS and asked if you want to save for the future.
b / inbox / Inbox / - In this menu you can reach now received before or during MMS messages and read. Includes the following submenus:
View: Reading an MMS
Properties: you can see who the sender, subject, date and size of the message itself
Reply: Reply to a received message
Reply all: reply to all the people added to the recipient field / Cc /
Forward: forward the message to other
Delete: Delete the selected MMS
Delete all: delete all MMS messages available in the box.
Use details: use numbers to MMS
in / Outbox / Outbox / - From this menu you can send a message to another, save it and then send it, by following these steps:
View: check the content of the MMS message.
Forward: sends the selected MMS to a recipient
Delete: Delete the selected MMS
Delete all: delete all MMS messages found in the Outbox
Properties: you can see who the sender, subject, date and size of the message itself
Use details: use numbers to MMS
g / Draft / Draft / - Any written MMS may be presented as a draft. To do this follow these steps:
View: check the content of the MMS message.
Send: send the selected MMS
Edit: edit the selected MMS
Delete all: delete all MMS messages from the Outbox
Properties: you can see who the sender, subject, date and size of the message itself
Use details: use numbers to MMS
e / template / Template / - Displays five consecutive MMS messages that are standardized and can edit any new MMS message precisely through these five templates. Click on one of the examples, see the options / option / him: content, items, and select any of them to make the example a new multimedia message that you can send to a relative or loved one.
is / Message Settings / Message setting / -
Compose - edit mode settings, automatic logon
Send - set of valid data for MMS, message back, Priority send, sending a certain period of time and sending time
Retrieve - Internet settings, reading and sending reports
Filter - settings anonymity of the sender, the maximum volume of production and Supplements
Server - Profile and control element connected to the Internet
Memory status - status of the storage capabilities of MMS messages

While waiting in line or traveling to a distant city, you can enjoy yourself by logging into one of two chatstai that supports this device. The condition was once connected to the network, enter its synonym / nickname / ID and remote control.

From here you can make basic settings of your voice box and number and number of stored voice messages that you can listen later. When you receive a voice message, the server will notify you via a message on your mobile phone, but it can also specify two voice boxes.

Get predictions:
The server allows you to receive text messages with a variety of information such as the current weather conditions in the regions, weather and traffic currently on the main highways.

Before using this option to send or receive a multimedia message, you must do some basic settings of your mobile phone clock:
MMS GPRS account that can receive data
MMS profile
MMS account
To perform these actions at best would be to contact your service provider to guide you in your actions.
To read a multimedia message on this cell phone as a watch, you must do the following: Select Menu-Messages-MMS-Inbox and use the navigation buttons to open a new multimedia message. You can also choose one of the options to reply, send a reply to all, forward forward, delete, or delete all messages or numbers.
To create a multimedia message, follow these steps:
Find the number or email of the recipient to which it will send the message, then select Edit Content, to get in shape with the message text. Select Input Method, to switch between the available modes. You can dobvite and images, sounds, or to attach additional content to the newly created media message. Then select Optiion - Done, to send your new message with one of the following options:
- Send Only - only send the message
- Save and Send - save the message and send
- Save to drafts - save the message without sending it to the recipient
- Send options - make the desired settings by sending
- Exit - exit from the MMS menu

3. Call history:

Missed Call - The device stores the last 20 numbers, of which there is a missed call. To do this, enter the phone's main menu, locate the submenu Missed Call, press the confirmation to enter the option.

received calls - With this function you can view received calls and messages and thus send messages to delete those save or dial the number and edit the number itself. Kept to the twentieth answered or received call.

Delete call history - delete all records of missed, received or dialed by you calls.
During call - This function allows you to read the time, which were held calls, the total number of sent messages and calls, and the total number of entries received.

Last call time: check last a conversation
Total sent: check the talk of the dialed calls
Total received: check the talk time of all calls that have been answered.
Reset all time: delete all records of the time.

Price Call - With this function you can check the amount as your operator contract and how much money you utter.
counter text messages - The feature enables you to check the data you have sent and deleted.

4. Sound Settings:
Adjusting the screen and its functions / Screen adjustment / - This watch-phone has a touch screen with the stylus through which you can set commands or to get to one or another menu. To adjust the display of the main menu, select the submenu "settings" and then press "Pen calibration". Then just follow the steps to set up your touch screen.
Display Modes -
- Basic Mode / General mode / - started by the button Activate.
- Customize / Customize / -

Setting the tone: Or what is sound and is there at all when starting or stopping the phone. Also have you accompanying sound while typing on the keyboard when you do an action, etc. And of course here and choose the ringtone for incoming call;
Sound Volume - increase or decrease the volume;
type of alarm - you can set your phone to dual-mode ring the alarm - beep / vibrate / ring or vibrate / ring after vibration;
type of ring tones, which is divided into two : single - when the alarm rings only once and repeat, when there are cyclical and repeated over a period of time. The third type is extraordinary, ascending and sound it increases gradually.
Extraordinary ton / extra tone / - This is usually the tone is set for something extraordinary happens. You can set the tone for the following settings:
Warning: when you write an important note, you can set a sound or melody that will remind you about it in a day.
Error: sound or melody when you make a mistake when entering when a setting is not entered correctly or at all when it does something wrong in the government itself or the system.
Camp on: Internet searches to ring
Connect: sound or melody tying the internet.

Answering a call: You can configure each button on the virtual klaviatara phone clock to perform the role of a qualifying calls. This setting is available to each key on the keyboard, ie from here you can choose any of them to answer a call.
The device supports three main modes - the open meeting and internal or normal. They can be set from the main menu, where they are the main, main settings. These modes are designed to accommodate every call to a particular environment so that the phone does not become an irritant to others or you may not hear the ring.

Headset mode: You can chat via headset added to the phone. Place them into the jack, and then your phone - watch will begin to automatically answer every call, allowing you to converse with the other party convenient and comfortable.
bluetooth mode: Insert the bluetooth device in the appropriate jack, after which

5. Phone setup:

Time and Date:
- Set hometown - this phone-clock support option for locating hometown, allowing you to choose from 77 cities around the world;
- Set time - from here you can set the current time, date and sunrise;
- Set the time format - or how to see the time - a 12-hour or 24-hour format.
Scheduled on / off.:
The device features 4 modes for starting and stopping automatic.

Language Setting:
From this menu you can set the default language in which to display all menus and functions.
Preferred format for inserting symbols / writing:
- Caps / ABC /
- Lowercase / abc /
- Numbers
- Simplified Pinyin

Show features:
Wallpaper: Make your individual display by placing a wallpaper image or any image you want.
Screen saver: can be installed by keeping the screen and your display image in different formats - jpg and gif.
Power on display: picture that appears when you turn on the display. You can select it from the Internet or upload it to your phone.
Main menu style: Matrix menu by default
Display date and time: when the display lights on it are displayed the current time and date
Show owner number: displays your phone number when the device is on and the display lights
Display operator name: In the illumination of the display appears the name of your service provider to which you are connected
Time type: select from among six ways of displaying the time and date

6. Automatic update of date and time:
This function is supported by your ISP and is done only when the device is turned off.

7. Settings calls:
- ID of the caller - Mobile operators can choose to set the system default secret numbers that are not visible to you.
- Call Waiting - You can talk to someone while waiting for another number. So you will know when someone is looking for, and if it's important, you could end this conversation and talk to the new caller. This function is activated by the button and start off with the power off, and can also use the search, to look for an available network at the time to connect.
- Call Barring - If you do not want to have a conversation with someone, or even his phone to connect to yours, then you can block his calls. And even better - you can block dialing from the phone, eliminating the chance for someone to use your phone without your knowledge. This is a unique feature of this device Watch Phone. To enter the function, however, you will need a password, which you admit. To disable dial from this phone, choose one of:
All calls - absolutely prohibits all dialed from this phone
International calls - can not be dialed international numbers
Prohibition of incoming calls -
All calls - you can not get any call
Restrictions on roaming calls start: if you are outside the country at the start of this function can not receive incoming calls, roaming through your service provider.
Opening - start the tool, enter a password
Closing - removal of restrictions
Inquired -

8. Network Settings:
This feature allows you to make necessary settings for you to use your desired network to which you have access in the course of using roaming by your side when you are abroad.

9. Security Settings:
From here take the necessary settings to protect your number from someone else's interference. There are several features that you can take advantage.
- SIM lock - here you can specify a setting that is standard on most phones, enter each time you start your phone, your PIN, and if it wrong three times, your SIM card is automatically locked. In this case you need the PUK code to unblock it.
- Phone lock - Make your own personal password for your phone that will be required for each run.
- Keypad lock - locks the phone's keypad. After not using the device some time in order to protect your data, and on the device itself, it samozalyuchva access to its functions and menu, ie keyboard becomes inactive.
- Change password - From here you can change the password on the phone and the SIM card itself - PIN1 and PIN2.

10. Multimedia:
Camera / Camera / - With this option, you can take pictures of each person or place that affect you. Log mode "camera" and you will see the display picture that will capture the camera and where the focus falls. With side buttons can set the scene in the image as you wish. Then just click on the function button that makes the images and button save, to save the image. If you do not like - delete and return back into the system to make a new one. The camera takes pictures in JPG format.
File Management / File manager / - In this menu, you can read any file type photos and videos that are found on the map of your Watch Phone. You can also perform some operations, such as renaming, deleting, copying and more.
View Images / Image Viewer / - In this menu, browse the pictures and you can perform the following operations with them, putting them as wallpaper, screen saver, the display at the start, rename them, send as MMS, delete and more.
Video Recorder / Video recorder / - By choosing this option, you fall into a mode in which you can do all sorts of videos, as well as view them then save them, delete, rename, add some effects and others. To start the video, simply press the "option".
Player that plays video / Video player / - select the video from the phone memory and review it with this program.
Toolbox / Tool box / - Just as in an ordinary box of tools and here you can find fairly useful options and features to enjoy the full functionality of this product:
- Calendar - Record and save your important events in this calendar that will keep you and remind them when it's date;
- Memory - write down important things like alarm, etc..
- Alarm - you can use your phone as an alarm, just as any other similar device. Have a total of five alarms, independent of each other, which can be set to wake you up or remind you of an important event - single / once /, every day / everyday / and depending on what day of the week or month to ring .
E-book reader / E-reader / - This function allows you to read ebooks and search in text format.

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