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Impressive watch with LED lights  (ID: D60)

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Modern and fresh, this amazing watch impresses us with its looks and functionality. It is a high-tech product which performs several functions. And all of them assembled in one device. The completely dark place, turn on the LED lights on both sides of the watch to light up the close area and be aware of what happens in the dark.

There are two buttons - Pressing B can show you the time or to let you make your necessary adjustments depending on what mode you are in. The A button gives you the exact time .

Main options :
1.Show the date after midnight of the current day
2.Supports two time formats - 12 and 24 -hour
4.Stops the status .

Battery :
The battery is a single type CR2016. When depleted it must be replaced with a new one.

Time Settings:
Press button A once to see the current time , then once again move to options such as year, month and day which you can configure to the local or preffered time.
Press A once to see the time, press button B the time flashes. Now you can change the time by pressing the button again A. Repeat the same procedure for the minutes, years, months and days.

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