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GPS tracker Haicom HI-602DT  (ID: GPS01)

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Haicom HI-602DT is a very small in size GPS/GSM tracker, which by using the DTMF technology via the GSM voice channel provides you with real-time GPS position of the device.
While conventional GPRS trackers require a web-based server where they can send data to the decoder Haicom provides you in real time with the position on the map directly on your computer without the need for internet access for the tracker and without paying a monthly subscription fee for a server.
using Haicom HI-602DT makes tracking of moving targets a quick and easy task. Just dial the number of the SIM card inserted in the tracker and when you hear the signal place the phone's speaker next to the decoder's microphone. Plug the decoder into the USB port of your computer and it will decode the signal into a standard GPS NMEA signal. With the included software you can see the movement of the object directly on Google Maps. When the target is in motion the entire route is displayed just as if you were using auto navigation.
The device contains a GPS module, GSM module, GPS antenna, GSM antenna, rechargeable battery.
It has low power consumption and one charge can make it work up to 5 days.
It is equipped with an SOS button, which when pressed, sends an SMS with the current position to the predefined number.
Dimensions of the GPS module: 43x69x18 mm

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