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Video door phones and peepholes

Mini Camera (Wired) (ID: VD02)

Due to its small size this camera can be mounted in small objects. It is suitable for installation in doors at the peephole, but because of hermetically sealed housing it can be used in various place such as car bumpers, to be used as a rear view camera. The power supply of the camera has a constant voltage of 8 to 12 volts. The kit will include a power adapter. The camera emits only video signal cable. No audio.


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Door peephole with 2.8" display (ID: VD13)

This door peephole automatically records on a microSD card a photo every time someone rings the bell. The camera has a lens with a 120 degree viewing angle and infrared LEDs for night vision.
Along with the pictures the device is capable of capturing video with the touch of a button. So you can have a record of everybody who passed your doorstep.
Can be installed on all types of doors. You can easily attach and detach the screen for more comfortable viewing of the recorded images.
This door peephole works with a battery.

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Door peephole with motion detector (ID: VD12)

Wide-angle peephole that allows you to capture extremely large area in front of your door. Viewing angle is 120 degrees and the 3.2 inch display allows you to examine in detail the person at the door. Display is touch sensitive and it controls and tunes the device.
When a visitor rings the front door bell the peephole automatically saves photos to a microSD card, so you can see who is ringing when you have not been home. Furthermore, there is a motion detector and the peephole will record everyone who passed near, even if he didn't ring the bell.

Even in the dark it can be usable because it is equipped with LEDs for night vision. < br /> The device is extremely easy to install and dismantle, it is easy to remove the screen and view the monitor records comfortably accommodated or transfer them to your computer.

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Electronic door peephole (ID: VD14)

With this electronic door peephole will have a picture of each visitor. When visitors ring at the door just press the power button and you will see who's standing outside the door. At the same time in its memory the device will record the image with date and time.
The peephole has a microSD card slot in which you can insert up to 32 GB.
Can be installed on all types of doors.
Powered by four AA batteries.

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Door peephole with LCD display (ID: VD16)

The device is a combination of electronic bell and a console for monitoring and recording. By pressing the button you can switch the screen on and watch the traffic in front of the door. You can also manually take photos or videos of the visitors. On the outside of the door there is a camera with infrared diodes and a key ring. Anyone who presses it will be recorded on a picture on the memory of the peephole. There is also a microSD card slot in which you can insert a card. You can view the recordings directly on the device display.

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(ID: VD19)

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(ID: VD20)

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(ID: VD22)

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(ID: VD23)

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Door peephole with a large screen (ID: VD04)

3.5 inch TFT display allows you to view visitors at the front door in detail. The sensor of the camera is 300 000 pixels, and may be mounted in any door with thickness 35 to 90 mm. Next to the lens of the camera is the button for the bell as from the inner module you can choose from 16 melodies and you can control the ringer volume. The peephole is powered by three AA batteries, it automatically turns off after 10 seconds to save battery. Viewing angle is 150 degrees.

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