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Door peephole with a large screen  (ID: VD04)

Category: Video door phones and peepholes
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3.5 inch TFT display allows you to view visitors at the front door in detail. The sensor of the camera is 300 000 pixels, and may be mounted in any door with thickness 35 to 90 mm. Next to the lens of the camera is the button for the bell as from the inner module you can choose from 16 melodies and you can control the ringer volume. The peephole is powered by three AA batteries, it automatically turns off after 10 seconds to save battery. Viewing angle is 150 degrees.

1. Lenses with an angle of view of 150 degrees
2. Red indicator light showing to visitors that they should not disturb you. Flashing every few seconds.
3. Button-bell. Your visitors can use it to your "call."

1. 3.5 inch color TFT display
2. Button that set the "Do Not Disturb" by pressing and holding for 10 seconds.
3. Red indicator light showing to visitors that they should not disturb you. Flashing every few seconds.
4. Indicator light showing when the battery power reduces his.
5. Choice of music for the bell.
6. Speaker.
7. Force of the bell.


Step 1: Place the lens on the peephole in the door from the outside into the hole in your old spy.

Step 2: Pass the cable through the peephole main hole where the other side is a flat plate to keep the outside of the peephole.

Step 3: Insert the three batteries of type AAA in the special hole on the inside of the set of spy camera and then connect 4P cable and secure it firmly to the host end. Done!


1. 3.5 inch color TFT display
2. The main part of peephole-chamber diameter of 12 to 33 mm
3. Fitting of each outer door and - from 35 to 60 mm and from 60 to 90 mm. Before you buy the device measure the thickness of the door, so there's no surprises.
4. Sensor - 300 000 pixels
5. You can watch what is happening outside the door every time you press a dedicated button
6. After ten seconds, the display automatically enters sleep mode. To activate it, press the button viewer.
7. At the bottom of the inside of the display, you will find two buttons. Left adjusts the ringing and the right - choose tune the default catalog.
8. You have 16 melodies to choose from.
9. Three AAA batteries, which power kit lets you see what happens out of 1500 times.
10. Function "don't disturb (do not worry) ': If you do not want to be disturbed, you can set your camera to spy does not ring and show every visitor that is not wanted. For this purpose, dormancy, simply press and hold for 10 seconds the button to post a picture of the display, and the red indicator light will begin to flash slowly. Then in that state again press the same button and hold for 10 seconds to turn off the ringer and do not see the picture out. Your special setup is ready. To cancel it, press and hold the button for 10 seconds until the picture appears on the display.


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