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Door peephole with a bell and recording ability  (ID: VD03)

Category: Video door phones and peepholes
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This door peephole allows you to make recordings of people who are looking for when you are away from home, with it you can see who is ringing the door, so that you can decide to open it or not, it can record a short video or photo on the memory card. In this way, you can later see who was there when you were away from home. The recordings are sorted by date and time so you have an accurate chronology of visitors.
It's powered by three 1.5V AA batteries. Thanks to the system for power saving it can operate for a very long time.


Internal Display: 136x75x18 mm
Exterior: 60x60x14 mm
size of the hole in the door: from 15 to 58mm
Door thickness: from 35 to 105mm

Peephole Camera for Doors / MC20 /

Before working with this practical camera, make sure you have inserted the battery and you are not mistaken the poles. Do not place the device on an unstable or uneven surfaces to prevent damage and breakage, which will not be covered under warranty.
Do not shake, do not push or throw the camera or display of this spy camera, try not to scratch the surface of the display.
Keep away from high temperature, humidity or dust to work longer your device and not to melt some of its parts.
Before you put the camera's battery, insert its microSD memory card, because if you put it after installing the battery, the unit will not recognize it.
Keep the cord that connects the camera to the display.

Characteristics of the parts of the spy camera:
Dimensions of the inside / attached to the inside of the door /: 136x75x18 mm
Exterior dimensions / attached to the outside of the door /: 60x60x14 mm
Size of holes / in which we put a screw holding the inner and outer part of the chamber /: 15 to 58 mm
Density Door / which is eligible for installation of the device /: 35 to 105 mm
Battery: 3 AA batteries / possibly alkaline disposable /
Voltage: 4.5 V to 3.5V

Installation instructions Camera: Follow the picture to attach your camera properly and get an effective monitoring system to your door:

Detailed how to install and operate the camera-spy

Before you put the camera, refer to your door thickness. If it is less than 65 mm choose the shorter bolt supplied in the other case - the longer. Before you put the camera, remove the factory spy that came with your door. If you do not peephole, you will need to call someone who will make a hole with a diameter of 20 to 50 mm.

Once you have an opening or removed the old spy, just put the outer part of the set, ie camera carefully and insert the cable to the device.

Remove the tape from sticking substance to attach a still camera. Concerns gently to adhere well to the surface of the chamber door.

The inside of the door must install steel brackets. Out of the box, then pass the cable through the hole carefully clamp with a screwdriver and gently turn the screw holes in the bracket to attach it to the door.

Insert your chosen bolt into the hole and tighten.

Prepare a microSD memory card, open slots for memory and battery, insert the memory card first and then three AA batteries, which you have previously purchased. Must be alkaline.

Place the battery cover, then gently pull the cable, being careful not to pinch. Attach to the inside of the steel bracket, gently press down until it clicks.
Make sure the inside of the set is placed and fixed properly by pressing the answer button to view what is seen in front of the door and whether it is properly fixed camera.

Then, in order to protect the display from damage or breakage, can detach it using both hands and hang it only when you are at home and want to watch what's going on outside.

1. Since the device can only be switched on and off at different times, the batteries will begin to wear out and to avoid sudden extinction of the device have time to replace them with new ones.
2. When you put the microSD card, but the device still displays "Insert the microSD card" or "Error", restart the camera by removing the battery directly and reinstall it, or change the map you are currently using another.
3. If for some reason the display shows the words "Error", remove and reinsert the cable.


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