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Camera with two lenses – sport series  (ID: MC24)

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To capture your master driving have two cameras that can rotate horizontally 180 degrees and an angle of view of 120 degrees. One of the cameras is a digital zoom. The signal from the two cameras you can simultaneously watch the large 2.7 inch 16:9 screen. You can shoot in the dark, each camera has four IR LEDs and their activation is only the touch of a button.
You can choose between pictures in three resolutions - 1,2,3 MP or video in H.264 mov file 1280x480, 1280x1440 or 1920x720 pixels and 30 fps.
For easy control of camera have a remote control.
camera has an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB port of PC or car charger.
records are stored on a microSD card up to 32 GB.
the HDMI output you can watch the records high definition on your TV.

Sports camera with two lenses

This is a unique device that records video simultaneously on two cameras, thus forming a two-channel recording, seeking to satisfy the ever-growing needs of all drivers who feel protected and safe on the road.
Has the ability to do high-quality video with sound and bright, clear images with high-speed USB 2.0 interface transfer and charge both battery and review a movie or doing recording. Sports camera holds and G sensor, and many other technological innovations that make it suitable for use not only in the body or chassis of the car, and in many and various situations.

Channel recording and simultaneous video capture and playback in real-time picture of the display.
G-sensor: When the gravity acceleration reached 6g, which corresponds to 1g = 9.8 m / sec at the second level, the camera automatically records video made so far to prevent loss of information.
SOS button: This button functions the same as a G-sensor. Pressed he recorded everything so far.
2.7-inch display with HD features and capabilities both cameras are rotated by 180 degrees.
H.264 compression technology videos
Day / Night mode set to select mode button modes to switch to night and day to capture the information you need with appropriate resolution and adjustment of light. The camera produces clear, quality videos and a night shooting mode.
30 or 60 frames per second of video clips, you get high quality images.
PC camera, without the need for drivers just Plug'n'Play and high quality picture transmission.
Built-in infrared illumination for better vision at night.
Cyclic video recording / a specified period and continues recording video /.
Motion detector.
Automatically start recording when the car engine starts, and also charge the battery while filming.
HDMI and TV outputs.
Remote control.

2643 sensor CMOS WXGA HD Sensor
Video resolution 480p/720p/720p
Languages Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean
LCD display 2.7 inches, 16:9 TFT
TF memory card up to 32 GB
Focus 12cm to infinity
Photos format JPG
MOV video format
Audio Built-in microphone and speaker
USB 2.0
Battery Built-in lithium battery 3.7V/600mAh
Operating temperature 0 to +65 degrees C.
Dimensions 135x63x28.5 mm
Weight 125 g
Accessories USB cable, TV cable, remote control, car charger, HDMI cable

Appearance and parts:

1. Button. 2. TF slot. 3. HDMI port. 4. Button to change modes. 5. Button to enter the menu of the device. 6. SOS button. 7. Indicator mentioning how is charging. 8. Operation indicator. 9. Microphone. 10 LCD display. 11. Remote sensor. 12. Left button. 13. Right click. 14. Record / BP button. 15. Micro USB port. 16. TV output. 17. Camera. 18. Infrared illumination for night vision. 19. Button to reboot. 20. Camera. 21. Speaker. 22. Mounting section.

Button functions:
Switching: ON / OFF button
Menu: Opens the menu of the device in each mode
Mode / MODE /: Switch between different modes and special regimes.
Record / BP: Play / Pause / confirmation
Left button: Short press, toggle between day / night modes for images and video while the device is in standby mode, or currently unavailable. In long-pressing it on / off. infrared illumination for night vision. Status of the device and its status will appear on the LCD.

Installation and operation of the camera:
Camera installation is easy and fast. You can put the camera in the front window of the car by adjusting the angle of the camera will shoot as you want. After turning the power adapter to the camera in an automobile cigarette lighter, the device will turn on and start shooting, and stop when the car stops and the device.

Dual car camera features a built 600mAh lithium battery for full charge takes approximately 90 minutes. The battery can be charged while in operation and do not need to be disabled for the occasion. Operate normally at 380mA and 580mA of Twilight.

On / off. and screen saver:
1. Press the POWER button for about 3 seconds to turn on / off. your camera. When you perform one of two actions, the display of the camera displays the current action.
2. If you currently do not use your camera, but you need to stay on, it would be better to save some power. For this purpose, press the POWER button once, and will start the screen saver display.

Setting the date and time:
To set the current time and date on your camera, you need to enter the menu for a time by simply pressing MODE. Then select the submenu Date / Time and using MODE, RIGHT, LEFT buttons adjust the time that you want. Then press OK to confirm the newly entered settings.
The video recording mode:
1. When entering the camera out in the upper left corner with a small camera icon, which means that it is in video mode recording.
2. To pause or resume recording press REC.
3. Press the left button to turn on or off. night vision with built-in infrared illumination.
4. Left-click to switch between the two main modes of video recording - day and night.
5. With the right button to switch between two different cameras if you want to do this, click once.
6. H_HD mode is when the car is moving at high speed and you want to make a quality recording.
7. In the event that something happens unexpectedly and you expect overwriting, press the SOS button to protect your data.

Mode images:
From video recording mode, press the button once MODE, to switch to making photographs. In the upper left corner should be a flashing icon in the form of a camera. You can choose from three resolutions - 1M, 2M and 3M.

Once you have saved your videos and photos, it's time to download them. Please use the supplied USB cable and connect it to your computer. Will be able to choose from three options:


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