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Wireless Cameras

Wireless camera 2.4 GHz (ID: BC15)

2.4 GHz Mini 1/4 inch CCD camera, broadcasting audio and video signal with output 10 mW.
Size: 30x35x23mm
Automatic backlight compensation
Resolution: PAL: 628x582, NTSC: 510x492

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Wireless camera 2.4 GHz (ID: BC11)

Ultra small wireless camera with bare size of 23x23x23mm.
Sensor: 1/3 "CMOS
Resolution: PAL: 628x582, NTSC: 510x492
The camera has a built-in microphone.

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Wireless camera and receiver 1.2 GHz (ID: BC32)

The infrared LEDs of this 1.2 GHz camera allow you to stream audio and video even in total darkness. The camera provides clear images in the dark, while its maximum range is up to 5 meters. The receiver has a smooth manual frequency adjustment allowing the best possible signal quality. If necessary, the signal from the receiver can be routed to an additional external recorder and the records can be stored and viewed. The maximum signal broadcast distance is about 60 meters within direct line of sight.

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A set of wireless transmitter and receiver for audio-video signals 1 W (ID: BC27)

This kit allows you to stream audio-video signal from your camera or other devices over a long distance. The transmitter's power is 1W and allows you to receive a signal from about 150 meters in line of sight. The sensitive receiver allows you to receive a redirect the signal to an external screen or recording device. You can tune the receiver and the transmitter to each of four standard channels (CH1 - 2.414GHz, CH2 - 2.432GHz, CH3 - 2.483GHz, CH4 – 2.468GHz). The power adapter is DC you can supply power ranging from 9V to 12V.

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Powerful wireless AV signals transmitter and receiver 2W (ID: BC28)

The kit allows you to transmit and receive signals from different AV sources at a distance of 300 m within direct line of sight. Tune the transmitter and the receiver to a standard four-channel (CH1 - 2.414GHz, CH2 - 2.432GHz, CH3 - 2.483GHz, CH4 - 2.468GHz) and then you can transmit and receive signals from a camera up to 300 meters away. You can also broadcat video and stereo audio signal. The power supply is 12V with adapters but you can use batteries with voltage of 9V to 12V.

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Wireless transmitter 2W (ID: BC30)

Powerful wireless transmitter that will help you to send audio and video signals from your camera or other devices up to 300 meters within direct line of sight. Each of the channels CH1 - 2.414GHz, CH2 - 2.432GHz, CH3 - 2.483GHz, CH4 - 2.468GHz can be set by configuring the switches on the rear panel. The kit included a power adapter, but you can also power it with a rechargeable battery with a constant voltage of 9V to 12V.

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Wireless camera with receiver kit (ID: BC11+DVR05)

Wireless camera:
Ultra small wireless camera 23x23x23mm size.
Sensor: 1/3 "CMOS
Resolution: PAL: 628x582, NTSC: 510x492

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Wireless kit - 1.2 GHz (ID: BC40)

This wireless kit contains a transmitter and receiver 1.2 GHz. Broadcast over a wide frequency range from 0.9 to 1.3 GHz (16 channels). You can set the receiver and transmitter to one of the 16 channels to avoid harmful interference. Transmitted power is 700 mW and transmitting about 500 meters in line of sight.
With adapters receiver and transmitter operate with supply of 12V DC.
Work in temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 degrees.
Dimensions 65h45h19 mm - Transmitter
115x80x20 mm - receiver.

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56.91 €

Mini Wi-Fi camera (ID: MC73)

The camera is small in size and can be concealed easily. There is a stable stand and a magnet for attaching it to metal surfaces. The device can be remotely controlled by a convenient remote control. With it you can start an audio-video recording or take separate still photos. The camera is equipped with wi-fi. Using the wireless network you can remotely monitor on your mobile phone the image from the camera or take some pictures or start recording. The settings of all parameters are set up using a mobile phone free application. The camera has a slot for microSD cards and you can insert up to 32 GB cards.

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Wireless transmitter 1W (ID: BC29)

With this transmitter you can send signal from cameras or other AV devices at distance up to 150 meters within direct line of sight. You can attach to it video and two audio channels. With the switches at rear end of the transmitter you can adjust its output frequency to any one of the standard channels: CH1 - 2.414GHz, CH2 - 2.432GHz, CH3 - 2.483GHz, CH4 - 2.468GHz. Powered by adapter. Operating voltage from 9 to 12 V.

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Camera with powerful transmitter and receiver 2.4 GHz (ID: BC36)

If you have to transmit audio and video signals over a long distance, you can use this camera kit with receiver. In combination with any of the recorders from the Videorecorders section you can build an effective system for suveillance and recording. The camera is equipped with infrared LEDs that allow you to record even in complete darkness up to 10-15 meters away. It is powered by a constant voltage of 12V and can be connected directly to a battery and thus avoiding the use of the included adapter. Broadcast on each of the four standard channels such. Switching channels is done by using the micro switch.
The power supply of the receiver is also from a 12V adapter. You can receive sequentially each channel while on the top cover there is indicator for the currently active channel. You have two outputs for audio and video signals.
Camera features:

70.67 €

BC20 - Kit 2.4G Wireless Camera - 2.4 GHz Receiver (ID: BC11+DVR06)

Image Device:1/3-inch CMOS
Valid Pixel:PAL:628*582,NTSC:510*492
Horizontal Definition:380 TV Lines
Scanning Frequency:PAL/NTSC: 50Hz/60Hz

31.77 €
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