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With sim card

Listening device with alarm (ID: B31)

Increasingly, various technical tools are made with a variety of options and features to satisfy the greatest demands. This applies to various listening devices as well. For example one that besides giving you information about the calls, it can also inform you about intrusion into your home. The listening device has two sensors that by SMS can be controlled remotely. When the voice sensor detects sound higher than 65 dB, it will dial your number or send you SMS.
In the same way you activate the device if you separate it from its magnetic sensor. You can separate the two parts and put them in different places in your home - for example the door frame and the door itself. At the moment when the two parts are separated, though it should not have such a separation, the device will produce a signal. For easy attachment there is a double sided adhesive tape.
If you put the listening device on a moving object, you can receive a link to its location, using the aGPS system.

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Miniature tracker and GSM listening device (ID: GPS20)

The tracker works with micro SIM card.

the extremely small size 40x34x14 mm and the light weight - 27g make this tracker the preferred device for monitoring while remaining completely unnoticed. In addition, it gives you the current position, the tracker will allow you to hear everything that happens around it.
The device may be used even not for spy activities. With it, you can have two-way communication. Extremely useful to communicate with your children. There are two buttons that can be programmed to dial a phone number and a panic button that sends SOS signal to the two phones. Thus, apart from the telephone functionality, you will also know at all times where your child is.

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(ID: GPS31)

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Recordable Bug (ID: B38)

This bug resembles a PIR sensor, but with it you can only hear what's going on in the room. Just put it in the place you want, dial the SIM card inserted in it and you can listen to the conversations happening around it.
The bug has a microSD card slot and when you insert the memory all calls will be automatically recorded on the card as you listen.
Size: 36х50х20 мм

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Mini Bug and GPS locator (ID: B39)

The bug needs a SIM card to be able to work properly. By dialing the number on the card, you make a connection and you can hear everything that is being said.
The device also has a microSD card slot. If you put memory card in it, you can also record sound in arm format whenever you want. All functions are controlled by sending SMS to an authorized number.
By sending a command, you can turn the bug into a sound-triggered alarm system. If the room noise exceeds 40 dB the voice control will activate the device and it will dial the authorized number.
You can also use it to locate objects. If you send a localization command, it will return you a location link based on GPS positioning. The more cellular carriers there are around the device, the more accurate the location will be. To quickly attach the locator, you have magnets built into its body.

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Listening device for the GSM network with voice control (ID: B17)

This is a GSM listening device, which successfully uses mobile networks to be able to contact the person who wants to listen. So in fact you you have another mobile phone that you can use with any SIM card of any operator. Left in any room it will serve you faithfully. There is a built-in high sensitivity microphone that allows you to hear everything, because it detects event the soft sounds - is so powerful. With its built-in voice detector, it will become a real security system and CCTV. You can leave it in the desired room and when the sound around it exceeds 45 decibels the device will dial your number. To enable or disable the voice detector, you only need to send a command via SMS message to the SIM card inserted in the device. The listening device has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows the device to remain 5 to 10 days in standby mode.
Dimensions: 43x32x14 mm.

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Listening device with camera and recording (ID: B33)

This unique device contains several way for listening and recording.
With it you can listen to the conversations around by simply dialing the number of the SIM card, that's just the way the standard GSM listening devices work. When you need your conversation recorded then with a single SMS command you can start recording on the microSD card. Again with another SMS you can stop the recording process. Audio is being recorded in amr file format.
If audio is not enough for you then again with SMS command you can record an audio-video file in avi, with resolution 480х320. With another SMS you can stop the recording.
Apart from the listening and recording you can use that device as a mini security system. The listening device can send you SMS when the sound level around it exceeds 60 dB. Apart from sending SMS you can configure the device so that it calls your number when it detects any conversation nearby.

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