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GSM listening device with AGPS  (ID: B22)

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Multifunctional device that you can use as a listening tool, and as a tracker to find someone's exact location. Thanks to the vibration sensor and voice activation, you buy a practical and discreet security system that always and at all times will send to you what is happening in the room in which the device is placed. The listening device has a SOS button, which can be pre-programmed to be used as a panic button and gives you the chance to find out quickly if someone close needs you. With the earphones you can use it as a mobile phone too.
When you want to use the device as a tracker you need to send SMS command and you get on your mobile phone a link with the exact location highlighted in Google Maps.
When your battery down to 10% of its capacity, you get a warning SMS to connect the charger. The listening device also can inform you about the signal strength of the mobile operator and your current settings.

This product is designed for your safety and the establishment of one's destination, so we, as well as the production company, are not responsible for someone else's product on abuses by third parties.
When the device is operated in the mobile network, the energy consumption is less.
Do not attempt to open the drive, because you can damage it irreversibly.

1 - Microphone, 2 - Port USB Cable, 3 - Microphone, 4 - SOS button 5 - slot cord, 6 - cover for the SIM card.

Change language:
You can enter two operative language in which to operate menus and receive messages - Chinese and English.
LAG1 sent as SMS change the language in Chinese
LAG2 - in English.

This device uses the mobile network and sends instructions via SMS to the preferred phone. To work to put an active SIM card that is not currently using.

Turn it on:
Insert the SIM card into the special opening goal on the right, while card inserted properly, the blue light will begin to blink once. This means that your tracker is on. Three times blinking light means that the device is able to connect to the wireless network and can work with it.

Function emergency numbers:
This device allows you to enter up to five emergency number, which number in the activation of SOS function receive a message or an opportunity to hear from a distance.

Add to emergency numbers:
To add emergency numbers to use, if necessary, to send a number of added SIM card in the device with SMS text HM1 / ​​2, 3, 4, 5 / + phone number, the device will return text message that the appropriate number successfully added to the list of emergency numbers you can ring if needed.

Function, listening from a distance:
When you use the emergency call number saved prizvanyava of the device, and it raises and the caller can determine whether the situation about the man who dialed the emergency number is safe.

SOS function:
When you need help, just press a long time, for about 5 seconds, SOS button and the unit will send SMS to all five telephone numbers for emergencies with text "SOS! Ask for help! "And prizvani twice on each of the numbers. The included headset in the kit will enable you to chat in real time with the people you pick up and be able to say where you are, or the device will send the current destination to the first contact.

Function AGPS:
To find out exactly where your device, you can send it to the LBS, and in response you will receive to your phone two text messages: one to haul destination address information and the other with a link to a map of the place.

Alarm that detects voice - to make the necessary settings, send SMS with text GDM1 will start alarm by voice. You will then receive a text message: network signal: strong / good, fair, poor /. Remaining power **%. Set up defenses.
Once you have made the necessary settings in the moment around the device there is a change in the sound environment / ie conversation or any sound / will receive a message on your mobile phone.

Send TIM ** - or adjust according to your need of the time interval of your alarm will be triggered when the device along detect a change in the aural. I.e. if you send TIM02, every two minutes the device will scan for sound and if it exceeds 60 decibels will send you a message so you can dial the SIM card inserted and listen.

Turn off the alarm voice - to disable this feature, just send GDM2 and get the following text message: network signal: strong / good, fair, poor /. Remaining power **%. Removal defenses.

Vibrating Alarm - Send GDM3, to start the vibration alert. Will receive a return SMS with the text: network signal: strong / good, fair, poor /. Remaining power **%. Set up defenses. When there is movement around the device or detect vibrations, it will inform you.
To disable only send SMS with text GDM4 will receive a text message: network signal: strong / good, fair, poor /. Remaining power **%. Removal defenses.

Change the different alarm modes:
Alarm mode may vary according to what you specify. I.e. when something unusual happened around the device, it can according to your preferences, or just your prizvani or rings and to send text messages or to send text messages only. To do this:
Send MOD1 to send SMS and then the ring. Then sent text messages, your phone will receive the following message: Alarm mode has been changed to: send SMS first, and than call.
MOD2 a single ring. Receive SMS: Alarm mode has been changed to: only call.
MOD3 allows you to change the alarm for a single text message. And received sms from you says: Alarm mode has been changed to: send SMS only.

Other functions:
Current status of the device - after you send SMS with text DSP you can see the current status of the device at the time as a mobile network, battery state of alarm. You will receive a text message back with the text: network signal: strong / good, fair, poor /. Remaining power **%. Set up Defenses! / Removal Defenses /.
Function, reducing power warning - when the battery power drops below 10%, you will receive text messages that will warn you that it needs recharging. SMS text should be: The remaining power is low, and please recharge immediately!

- This device can only work with the SIM card, without such will not be included, even if the battery is full.
- When charging the battery, the device must be switched on.
- When you use it, try to be in a good range of mobile network
- When you purchase the device, his first charge as a brand new product should last at least 3-4 hours to activate the battery. Only use original charger to avoid problems.
- Work in standby mode: 300-400 hours. Runtime - 7-10 hours. But it depends on the state of the local network and its signal.

Works without problems following network ranges: GSM 850/900 MHz / DCS1800/1900MHz.


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