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Tracker GPS with vehicle control  (ID: GPS15)

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With the compact GPS tracker you will get information on the location of the vehicle. With SMS connection you can either get the coordinates or a direct link to Google Maps. You can also see the history of the route. (tracker comes with no available Web-based platform)
The device has quad-band GPS Module - 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, built-in GPS and GSM antennas and a wide range of supply voltage - 9 -36 V DC.
The tracker has a vibration sensor and detector for starting the engine.
In the box you will find a switch with which you can control the fuel supply to the fuel pump. For the safe fuel control this works only when vehicle is stationary. If you issue such a command the fuel pump is turned off only when the engine is turned off or when the speed is 0 km/h
The package includes a panic button and by pressing it the tracker sends an SMS with coordinates, a microphone, which you can listen to the conversations in the vehicle and a power cord with a fuse.
If the power is interrupted you will receive a warning SMS sent with spare battery.

We present one, as well as its name suggests, a GPS tracking system - Smart tracker. Before you embark on a quest to spot any objects you want with it, read this manual thoroughly.

1. Accessories:

2. Specifications:
- Works with the following GSM Frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900
- Works on a wide range of input voltage - 9-36vDC
- Continuous GPS positioning, GPRS positioning of temporary space
- Check location via GSM
- Built-in vibration sensor, with theft protection
- Detection of the ACC
- Timer function
- SOS alarm and burglar alarm
- Voice tracking function
- An alarm that notifies the owner that the power of the device is disconnected intentionally / with battery /
- Compatible with all external interfaces connecting - that the serial port

2.1. Red LED / LED / - included with a particular business or charging status

2.2. Green LED / LED / - indicator for GSM network

2.3. Blue LED / LED / - GPS status indicator

2.4. Indication of the start of the device
In this state, the three indicator - red, blue and green, then light up a certain period of time.

3. Interface presentation

4. Mounting method
4.1. Preparation before installation:
- Check if all components of the kit are available;
- Select SIM card, which currently are not using and put it in the machine. Any such device must have a SIM card, otherwise it will not work. Open the right cover and insert the card face down, and you should hear a click. Then re-close the cover.

4.2 Installation:
Installation of the device is hidden. Please see the sample mounting device electric car.
- To prevent theft, it is better to mount the device as possible to a safe place, one that is not conspicuous.
- Avoid installing tracker near electrical high voltage devices such as reversing radar, anti-theft device or other automotive equipment, mainly used for communication;
- The tracker should be fixed with special wires to hold it firmly in place or at least a double wide adhesive tape, otherwise you will not get a clear signal, and the location can not be established with precision.
- This tracker has a built-in GPS and GSM antennas. During installation, make sure that the receiving side of the device is face-up without any contact to the metal object above it, which can cloud the GPS signal. Sample locations for installation are decorative board under the windshield, also on the dashboard of the car, watch out for metal objects on the board under the rear window.

4.3. Specification of the device for contact

Notes connection relays
Relay for connecting the pump oil connectors on both ends of the smooth white wire (85)
and smooth yellow wire (86). Smooth white wire (85) is connected to the positive power (+12 V) of the vehicle. Yellow wire (86) is connected to the device to the control cable of the relay.
Cut the positive wire to the pump, then connect them in series to
include NC contact (thick green line 87a) and the other end to COM
contact ((thick green line 30).

4.4. Diagram connection with car

5. Wiring device
5.1. Power / ACC / Automatic Stop / fuel or power / - 4 pin control connector:

The standard voltage of the device, which supports a range 9V-36V DC. Always use original parts which comes this tracker. In this case, you will need a power cord, which consists of two wires - red and black. Red is positive and black - negative. Negative must be earthed alone or contact with iron / Mass / during installation.

ACC cable / orange / binds to the ACC / DC switch / key in the vehicle. In the course of use, the tracker itself will decide when to come in a situation to detect the engine starts. If you do not connect it with the engine starts, the device automatically enters this mode when in-car vibrates when it moves, it will trigger the alarm and theft. If you do not feel the need to connect the anti-theft feature, the ACC cable to connect the positive cable in parallel.

Automatic stop / fuel or electricity the car / / yellow cable / and its control cable connects to pin number 86 with the relay automatically stop at the socket again with yellow.

5.2. USB cable / 3 pin /:
Interface designed to provide more space on the device, and to help you download all necessary data.

5.3. Cable Microphone / 2 pin /:
Connect an external microphone to the tracker to make a voice track of a vehicle.

5.4. SOS cable / 2 pin /:
Externally connected to the SOS key to make and SOS function.

6. Parameter settings:
Through text messaging, you can send commands to your tracker. But the form that uses the device is not always sensitive to the letters, so each word is separated by a comma. Once you submit your command, you usually get an automatic response from the device, which if successfully sent and accepted the command is "OK," and if there is any error - "Please set again". Once the device sends SMS it will respond to the command.

6.1. Setting APN / Access Point Name /:
Once determined APN / name of the access point / SIM card you use, the device can now be connected to the platform. The format of the command to determine the name of the access point is as follows: APN, APN \ 's Name / point name / #
If there is your APN username and password for access, please use the following command: APN, APN \ 's Name / name of the APN /, user name / username /, password / login / #. After successful tuning you should get OK.

6.2. Setting the DNS:
If the device is connected to another platform, it is necessary to re-determine a new DNS name or IP address. In this case the format of the commands will look like this:

- DNS - SERVER, 1, DNS, port, # 0
- IP - SERVER, 0, IP, port, # 0
If the settings are correct and received, it will receive a return SMS confirming "OK".

6.3. Enable / disable GPRS:
To turn off GPRS, just send SMS with the necessary command of the tracker, which will be:
And OK if everything went smoothly you will receive as SMS.

6.4. Determining the timezone:
By default, the time zone of this tracker is GMT +8. The command that you must send your tracking device to change it is: GMT, E / W, hours, minutes #, where
E / W positions are time zones - E for east, W for west. Hours is the time zone in hours, as the perimeter is 0 to 12, minutes - the time zone in minutes, which may be 15, 13, 45
For example: GMT, W, # 11 / timezone is GMT-11 /, or GMT, E, 5,30 # / timezone is GMT +5:30 /

6.5. Add specific number for SOS alarm
To turn the SOS command of this GPS tracker would have to "say" it through SMS and the following command: SOS, A, No.1, No.2, No.3 #
"A" in this case would be the ability to add new numbers, for example:
SOS, A, 13510905991, 13510905992, 13510905993 #, which if necessary tracker to "ring."
If there is only one SOS number, then you can set it to only one of the positions, and the other end to put zeros. This means that there is added to Number.

SOS, A, # 13510905991 - means that this number is in the first position
SOS, A,, 13510905992 # - second place
SOS, A,,, 13510905993 # - third place
If you have successfully added the numbers, you will receive SMS with "success" text.

6.6. Deleting a specific number for SOS alarm
Before you delete a number that you no longer want to be in the SOS section, we must first review its specific code. To see the code send the command "PARAM #". Respectively, then you can enter the code in the following command to erase numbers:
SOS, D, serial No.1, serial No.2, serial No.3 #, where "D" will mean Delete / Delete /
SOS, D, # 1 - you mean to delete the first number
SOS, D, 2 # - delete the second number
If you want can delete more than one entry, then you can enter the following:
SOS, D, 1,3 #, which means that the numbers 1 and 3 will be deleted.
If you do not remember the serial number of your mobile phone, then you can enter
SOS, D, # mobile number to tell the tracker to delete direct mobile number. After successfully delete the corresponding number will receive a text message "Delete number 135XXXXXXXXX success! specific number total 2 ".

6.7. A core number:
If you want to stop the flow of fuel to the engine after the car via SMS, you should identify a main number that only you will be able to send such a command to the tracker. You can put your own phone as a key.
Command to send the device is:
CENTER, A, # 154694320603421
Ok will get if everything is okay.

6.8. Delete the default number:
As you set the default number, which stops the fuel supply of the car, and you can delete it. Information you need for this command would be:
And since the number is only one, no need to enter it and delete it. After an operation correctly, you will receive SMS OK.

6.9. Check the specified parameters:
Before you delete a number for SOS alarm, you should check its parameters. This is done by the command PARAM #. If you send this command to the device you are currently viewing, you will receive in response:

IMEI: 35341903XXXXXXX / / IMEI followed by the serial number of the device / /
GPRS Interval: 10;
/ / GPS data uploading Interval, the time ranges from
10-18000s, default as 10s / /
TIMESET: 20; / / the GPS working time when ACC is OFF, the time range from
1-999mins (default as 20 min) / /
SOS Number: 1. 135xxxxxxxx
2. 136xxxxxxxx
3. 137xxxxxxxx
/ / Most used SOS numbers is three / /
Center Number / default number /: 15942703401

Sensor time interval: 10,180; / / sensor detecting time, default as 10s; vibration alarm delay, default as 180s; the time ranges from10-300s / /
Sensor alarm time interval: 10; / / sensor alarm time interval, the time ranges
from 1-60mins; default as 10mins / /
Time zone: E, 8,0; / / Set to your own time zone / /

6.10. Check GPRS parameters:
To check the network parameters need GPRS command: GPRSSET #
A response that should follow the form of CMC is:
/ / GPRS on / off. status / /
APN: CMNET, 0,,,;
/ / APN information for the specified access point / /
Server: 1, egt06.szdatasource.com, 8841,0;
/ / Platform information / /
URL: http://maps.google.com/maps?q =; / / preset web link setting information / /

6.11. GPRS timing:
The time interval during which the GPRS sends data to the server is 10 seconds, which means that every ten seconds, you will climb up to date information about the exact location of the device. You can change this time interval according to your wishes and needs. The command for this is as follows: TIMER, time, (second) #. Permitted seconds that you can set in the perimeter 10-18000 seconds.

6.12. Timing sensor alarm
When the engine is on and the ACC / car battery / is flat and up to 10 minutes is not included or charged, the device will only be found in a state of alarm sensor. If the car begins to vibrate and it includes vibration alert. If the vehicle battery / accumulator ACC / still does not work after three minutes the device includes a vibration alert.
To set the time for this alarm, you will need the following command:
"DEFENSE, TIME (minutes) #". The time between which to choose is from 1 to 60 minutes.

6.13. Reset:
Send an SMS with the command "FACTORY #", to restore default tracker, with whom he has come to you.

6.14. Restart the tracker:
Sometimes you may have to restart from a distance tracker if it answers your queries. Then send as sms RESET #.

7. Operations of the tracker:
7.1. Activate / deactivate the tracker:

On: Once a valid SIM card and connect all the cables correctly, plug the device to insert the key into ON, then the red light, mentioning it will blink once, then blue and green while searching GSM or GPS Network will also blink. As soon as the indicator light that shows there is a GPS signal light constantly, it means that there is a network and you can work with your tracker.
Off: Just turn the knob on the device.

7.2. Check location:
Through SMS: To find someone's location, send an SMS to the tracker POSITION numbers on a card that is inserted. If the tracker fails to establish the right place, it will receive a return SMS with a link to a google map.
If you want to get the exact coordinates, then send as a command WHERE # and you will receive a message with precise coordinates, if the tracker can take them by satellite. If you can not find information you will get back "No data". An example of a successful SMS with precise coordinates is:
Lat: N22.571285, Lon: E113.877115, Course: 42.20, Speed: 0.0740, Date time: 10 -
11-23 22:28:51
You might want to directly link to the Google map of the tracker. For this purpose, just send URL #. If the device is data, you will receive a link leading directly to a specific segment of satellite images in real time on google map. Otherwise you will get "No data".

By platform: You can directly go to the site of the tracker to specify the name and number of the tracker and track the movement of your vehicle.

7.3. SOS alarm
When you are in an emergency situation in your car, it can directly press the SOS button for about 3 seconds. This action will automatically activate the SOS Alarm. Then the machine will send SOS sms preferred to introduce specific emergency number, then dial the number directly. Meanwhile, the alarm will upload to the server, which message will look like this:



7.4. Power failure alarm:
When the power of the battery is over, or for some reason it off, then an alarm to stop the ACC. In this case, the device will send SMS to special numbers and start gaining them one after another. If no one answers, the tracker will make no more than three cycles, then stop. Meanwhile will appear that the server:


7.5. Voice track:
When for some reason a special number dialer and it does not pick up within 10 seconds, it automatically enters voice tracking. This means that one that rings can be oriented by the sounds that are heard around the tracker what is happening there. If another number that is inserted in a specific SOS command ring, then the device will not activate the voice tracking.

7.6. Stopping the fuel supply:
In platform: Send command to stop the flow of fuel to the platform. To ensure the safety of the car or the people in it, the tracker can stop the fuel supply, which will trigger the brake cylinder and the car will gradually slowed until it stops. Then the GPS network, will send SMS to the current location of the static car already. This can be done for alleged theft or where the child has taken the car without permission.

In SMS: To do this, you must first have a basic number / center number /. Only one number can send a command to stop the fuel. The format of the command is "RELAY, # 1." After sending the command, and it has been successfully applied to get "Cut off the fuel supply: Success! Speed: 0 Km / h". If it fails to implement the command, you will receive SMS with the right reasons.

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