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Digital recorder for landline phones  (ID: B23)

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This is a powerful and practical digital recorder that will allow you to record every phone call made on the telephone where you will install it. You will be able finally to understand for what strange reasons, without any intervention on your phone the bill is oddly increasing. Operation is easy: once mounted on the telephone line and it automatically starts recording calls on an SD card. If you do not want all calls to be recorded, then you can switch the device to manual mode and you can record only conversations you are interested in, with start and stop recording manually. On the recorder there is a display that allows you to navigate the current mode of operation. Recordings are saved in folders for each day, the device creates a new folder. In 1GB it can save about 35 hours audio in MP3 format. You can play them directly from the recorder or transfer them from SD card (not included in the kit card) on your computer. The device also has audio output for listening to the conversations using headphones.

Recording device

A practical device that can be safely used as an answering machine. Or as extra pair of ears. It can record any phone call and provide you with the information on when happened when you were not at home.


1. Record all conversations automatically
2. Easy operation via LCD display
3. Recorded an additional memory card - SD / miniSD / TF
4. Supports saved files and MP3 music files and play them back then
5. Create folders by date, such as July 26, 2012 will look like 20120726
6. 1 GB of memory can make recordings with a duration of 35 hours.

Function buttons:

1. Recording
2. Playback (press, listen to the recorded file to the recorder if you think that what you hear is not enough, just press once)
3. Automatic or manual recording
4. Setting the time
5. Play / Pause
6. Up / Pump Up the Volume
7. Back / previous file
8. Down / Decrease sound
9. Following
10. A LED (green or red) - Lights green while recording, and red - when recording is paused or someone meets the ringing phone.


1. Entrance telephone
2. Output helpline
3. Slot for SD / MMC Memory Card
4. Audio Output
5. Input power cable

interface operations:

1. Interface default

2. Interface for call recording

The round black dot means that the device saves time, but when they appear two parallel lines - is paused. Accordingly, the square will mean that the recording is stopped. 00:00:08 is the time that the recording device. 18-18-18.wav means that the record is 18 seconds, 18 minutes and took place in 18 hours.

3. Playback interface

Triangle means that at the time the record is playing, and when you see two parallel lines - is paused. Accordingly, the square will mean that the recording is stopped. 00:00:08 is the time that the recording device. 18-18-18.wav means that the record is 18 seconds, 18 minutes and took place in 18 hours.

How to use the recorder?

1. Each call is recorded automatically.
2. To record and play back the conversation waters now: While a conversation on the phone, press the knob Replay, to start

playback of the call and make a record together. During recording, you will see while short pressing the same key will stop the recording and identify the interface device that allows you to make a choice between different functions. To select the desired folder, press the switch to previous or next, then switch to play / pause, to play the selected file and you will see this:

You can share your recording made of the conversation so far with the other party with whom you speak, by pressing the switch Replay. The caller will hear your conversation as you are. If you want to play a certain part of the recorded conversation, simply press the key to the next or previous to quickly transfer.

3. For clearer sound while listening can increase or decrease the volume with the switch upward or downward.
4. Setting time: press the "Tim set", to enter the current time. Use the buttons upward / downward, to enter the hours.
5. Listen to the recorded file in standby mode: press once, Next or Previous, to select, then press the key to play / pause, to confirm

7. To exit the menu, while making the recording, press Record again key.
8. Delete: You can delete unnecessary or unwanted file in standby mode, press Next or Previous key and select it, then press the Play / Pause and enter the

9. Folder and select the file from there, press and hold the key for a long time Auto & HM, then the display must be written delete file. The file has been deleted.


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