Mini IP LAN Camera   (Nummer: IP26)

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ID: IP26
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Mini IP LAN Camera

Mini IP LAN Camera   (Nummer: IP26)


This is an IP camera with HD 720p resolution, which works only with a LAN cable. To capture picture in total darkness the camera is equpped witg 10 infrared LEDs, which are not visible when operating. This device supports the most common protocols like HTTP/TCP/IP/UDP/STMP/DDNS / SNTP / DHCP / FTP.

Powered by 12 V DC.

With the included software you can play back the recordings on your computer. With the program you can use motion detector and monitoring of multiple IP cameras.

The camera has a mount for convenient attachment to surfaces.

Dimensions 42x42x37 mm.

Mini IP LAN Camera

video Mini IP LAN Camera