Wi-Fi endoscope   (ID: E35)

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ID: E35
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Wi-Fi endoscope

Wi-Fi endoscope   (ID: E35)


With this endoscope you will be able to inspect hard-to-reach places, with the image transmitted over Wi-Fi. This allows you to have video on your mobile phone, tablet or computer up to 20 meters away.

The device creates a wireless network to which you can connect and receive video at a maximum resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

The camera is 8.5 mm in diameter, mounted on a 800 mm metal flexible tube. The viewing angle is 66 degrees and the protection rating is IP67.

For dark areas, there is six LEDs whose light you can adjust smoothly.

There is a convenient button on the handle to take a picture right away.

Works with 4pcs AA batteries.

Wi-Fi endoscope

video Wi-Fi endoscope

1. Open the handle cover and insert the four batteries, observing the polarity marked on the edge.

2. Turn the circular knob clockwise. A red diode on the side and two blue diodes should light up. The red diode is an on and off indicator. If the blue LED goes on with the red one, it means that the batteries are low. In this case, replace the batteries.

3. The two blue diodes on the side of the round button are an indicator of the Wi-Fi network. About 45 seconds after the endoscope is turned on, the wireless network starts.

4. Depending on the device you will use the endoscope on, open the list of wireless networks. There you will find a network named BORESCOPE. Connect with it using the password 88888888.

5. Download and install the Borescope application, depending on your operating system. Run it after you connect to the device's wireless network and you'll have an image from the camera. For Windows install AMCAP from the disc.