Endoscope with monitor output  (ID: E26)

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ID: E26
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Endoscope with monitor output

Endoscope with monitor output  (ID: E26)


In addition to the 3.21-inch TFT LCD display on the handle, you can view the inspected objects on a larger monitor or TV with video output.
It works with 4pcs AA batteries, with approximately 6 hours of battery life. Power consumption is 238 mA.

The sensor is 1/9" CMOS, and the effective resolution is 640x480 pixels. The viewing angle is 48 degrees.

With the endoscope you can also examine in total darkness, because there are four bright diodes.

There is a convenient storage case and a gadget to hold various items.

The lens has an IP67 protection rating.

Flexible tube dimensions: 980 mm, diameter 8 mm.

Dimensions of endoscope with mounted camera: 257x92x44 mm.

Weight 407 g.