Manual endoscope - 3 meters  (ID: E62)

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ID: E62
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Manual endoscope - 3 meters

Manual endoscope - 3 meters  (ID: E62)


The endoscope is suitable for examining longer distances. The camera is 10 mm in diameter and is mounted on a flexible metal tube 3 meters long. There is bright white diodes at the top of the tube that will help you see in dark places as well. You can adjust the brightness of the diodes from the convenient handle.
The camera of the endoscope has a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 320x240, a viewing angle of 54 degrees and a focal length of 30-80 mm. The image from the inspected spaces is immediately visible on a 2.4” TFT LCD color monitor.
Works with 4pcs AA batteries.
The endoscope is located in a suitcase for carrying and storage. You will also find attachments at the top of the camera to make your work easier.