Full HD waterproof camera   (ID: MC30)

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Warranty 12 Months.

ID: MC30
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Full HD waterproof camera

Full HD waterproof camera   (ID: MC30)


This HD camera allows you to record audio-video files in MOV format with full HD 1080p resolution and photos with 8 MP. To have a sound plug in an external microphone (not provided). You can take photos even while recording video.

It is equipped with an LCD screen where you can see immediately the captured videos and pictures.
The camera has an SD card slot. After connecting it to a PC, you can transfer data via USB cable.

With the remote control you can easily start and end recording.

The kit includеs a wide range of things for attaching the camera to be able to securely mount it on the car, bike or yourself.
All accessories are arranged in easy to carry and store bag.

Full HD waterproof camera

video Full HD waterproof camera