Mini camera with IR diodes  (Número: MC75)

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ID: MC75
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Mini camera with IR diodes

Mini camera with IR diodes  (Número: MC75)


The camera is extremely small in size, only 22mm, but can make fullHD video. It has three modes of operation - AVI video at 1280x720 resolution, AVI video with full HD at 1920x1080 and 4032x3024 pixel JPEG images. You can turn the four IR diodes on and off to get an image even in the dark. The camera also has a motion detector that starts recording only when there is motion in front of the lens. The device has a 200 mAh rechargeable battery that allows about 90 minutes of continuous operation. Up to 32 GB card can be inserted in the microSD card slot. The kit comes with mounting brackets as well as a cable for loading and playing back the recordings on TV.

Size: 22х22х19 mm