Handheld fishing scanner  (ID: D28)

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ID: D28
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Handheld fishing scanner

Handheld fishing scanner  (ID: D28)


This amazing product is specifically designed to help the amateur and professional fishermen detect shoals of fish. The device can be used not only in seas and oceans but also in lakes and rivers.
The scanner technology is based on the emission and reception of sound waves. Depending on the time for which the reflected signal returns indicates the distance from the bottom. When the shoal of fish enters the scanner's range the location and depth where the object is are displayed on the screen.
It is also suitable for winter fishing, you can use it after making a hole and even before that.
Display Green LCD display
Power supply: 4 AAA batteries
Measurement units: meters and feet
Angle of sensor beam: 45 degrees
Minimum depth: 0.7 m
Maximum depth: 100 meters
Length of sensor cable: 7.5 m
Operating temperatures: from -20 to +70 degrees