Endoscope with hand monitor  (Numéro: E50)

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Endoscope with hand monitor

Endoscope with hand monitor  (Numéro: E50)


This endoscope comes with a color 2.4” TFT LCD monitor, on which to watch the image from the camera. The monitor has a comfortable rubber strap to tie it to your hand, in order for you to have more freedom of movement. The connection between the endoscope and the monitor is with a flexible coiled cable that provides additional convenience.

The camera is 8 mm in diameter and 55 mm long. It is mounted on a flexible cable with a metal sheath.

You can choose between three video resolutions – VGA, 1.3 or 2 MP. For a more detailed image, you can plug the endoscope into a TV via the TV output.

The device has a microSD card slot for storing your records. There is convenient button on the handle, with which to begin video recording or take photos. Also from the handle you can adjust the light output of the six white diodes.

The endoscope is powered by a 900 mAh battery.