GPS tracker with magnetic mount   (ID: GPS16)

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GPS tracker with magnetic mount

GPS tracker with magnetic mount   (ID: GPS16)


This tracker is equipped with waterproof case and its degree of protection is IP56, which protects it from moisture and rain splash. With magnets on it you can easily mount it on the car body.
This unit transmits location information via SMS or Web-based platform using mobile Internet (2G GPRS). Setting up all the parameters for the normal operation of the tracker is done via SMS sent to the card in it. You have the option to set the authorized phone number, APN setup, time zone, IP address of the server, turn on and off alarms, etc.
If you want to see the location of the car just dial the SIM card number that is in the tracker. After the third ring the device will automatically disconnect and you will receive SMS with a link to a map with the location and information about the status of the battery.
For real time tracking, and history of the routes have a free platform that receives data from tracker by GPRS. There you can view the routes in three-day intervals, and the information is kept up to 6 months. With the platform you can have real time information for the condition of the car (in motion, stopped, parked) to view alarms for traffic speeding, leaving the defined perimeter, battery status, etc.
The device has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity 2000 mAh. It has a sensor that switches the tracker to standby mode, if the car is stationary for more than 2 minutes so the device can stay up to 3-4 days in standby mode.
The operating temperature of the tracker is from -20 to +55 degrees, accuracy - 15-20 meters and the positioning time is within 36 seconds of initial establishment and about 1 second on "warm" start.
The operating voltage is 12V.

GPS tracker with magnetic mount

video GPS tracker with magnetic mount