GPS tracker with solar panel  (ID: GPS23)

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GPS tracker with solar panel

GPS tracker with solar panel  (ID: GPS23)


This tracker is specially designed and developed for tracking vehicles over a long period of time. When stopping the car it has a mode for battery saving, which completely turns the device off and the solar panel charges the polymer battery. This way the time for tracking is increased tremendously.
The tracker is made of strong material, hermetically sealed and has a very strong magnets with which it can be secured to the car.
You can choose between three modes for battery saving - entirely off without GPS module and GSM and working mode in which the tracker is switched on only during the specified interval.
Obtaining current location is also done in several ways. The easiest way is by calling the number of the SIM card inserted in the tracker. Then it will disconnect and will return information about the place where the car is located.
Another way is by sending a request by SMS. Depending on the command, you can get a link to a map or SMS with coordinates.
With the tracker comes a free Internet platform on which you can monitor in real-time or browse the history of the route. In this case, you must have activated the mobile Internet on the SIM card to use this internet based platform.