DCS Amplifier - 2000 m2   (ID: R12)

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ID: R12
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DCS Amplifier - 2000 m2

DCS Amplifier - 2000 m2   (ID: R12)


Very powerful amplifier within the range 1800 MHz installation is very easy and the service too. It is necessary to connect a reception and transmitting antenna to it with 50 ohm cable and powered it on.
Important: th two antennas shout not be directly visible to each other and should be located on different horizontal planes.


Frequency: 1710-1785 MHz Uplink, 1805-1880 Downlink
Gain: 60-65 dB
Maximum power: 17 dBm
Impedance: 50 ohms
power: adapter 220AC/12DC
Dimensions: 220x160x20 mm

DCS Amplifier - 2000 m2

video DCS Amplifier - 2000 m2