Camera-key with a motion detector and an IR diode   (ID: HD71)

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ID: HD71
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Camera-key with a motion detector and an IR diode

Camera-key with a motion detector and an IR diode   (ID: HD71)


With this camera you can capture audio and video files with a resolution of 1920x1080 and 30 frames per second. The device has motion sensor software with which you can record only when there is a motion before the camera, thus saving battery.
For shooting in total darkness there is an IR diode that can be turned on and off as needed.
The camera can take and JPEG images with in resolution 2560x1920.
The device is automatically detected by the operating system and you can use it as a portable memory while with the included CD, you can install the necessary drivers and use it as a web cam.
Recordings are stored on the microSD card (card not included), and the maximum capacity of the microSD card is 16 GB.
The battery is rechargeable and allows 120 minutes continuous recording.

Camera-key with a motion detector and an IR diode

video Camera-key with a motion detector and an IR diode

Introducing a modern item with a clean design and many features that can be useful in many situations. It combines video recorder, camera and audio recorder. Thanks to it you will always be alerted about what is happening at home or other place where you've put it. Thanks to the optical stabilizer, which is installed in the camera this gets as good as professional device and offers you high quality pictures and videos without blur or shooting out of focus. As a video recorder this device will satisfy your enthusiasm for quality recordings, giving you a clean, saturated and vibrant images. You can upgrade the memory with expandable memory up to 32 GB, and from the standard USB port you can connect the device to your computer. It records in standard AVI format. And thanks to the built-in motion detector you get a reliable security system that's impressive. 1. USB slot 2. Slot for TF Memory Card 3. Indicator 4. Camera lenses 5. Hole connection wrist 6. Key 7. Mode switch 8. Restart 9. Powe supply 10. Camera/video recorder 11. Motion detector/night shots and video 12. Indications for use in night mode. 1. Turn on / off : To turn on your new camera key , press and hold the button on / off . While both indicators blink . They continue to flash while the camera is initialized . Once the camera is ready for use , the blue indicator turns off while the red remains steady. Now you can go to the appropriate mode. By default, the camera sets the mode for images / videos . When you want to turn off the camera , press no matter what mode the device is again the same button / under number 9 in illustration / hold. The device saves the current file / where the red light blinks twice - the file is saved successfully / if you're shooting something out and then turns off. Lights are going out. 2 . Camera Mode / photos / : Before starting to use the device as a camera or VCR , you should put TF card into the slot labeled number 2 in the illustration. It is made from off the device. Then you can turn the device already and take a picture. After initsiilizira camera is set by default under a camera / video . Then press the starter button / 10 illustration / to take a picture . Pressing the button 10 causes taking the picture as a signal for this is the short flashing red light , then saves the file. When the indicator again illuminates continuously , it means that the camera is back in standby mode. 3 . Video mode : To make a quality video with this device , insert the first TF card slot / 2 / from the off position , then turn on the device , wait initsiilizira what happens after the red light does not blink , and steady. The camera is in video mode. To start the video , press and hold 10 until the red indicator flashes twice and goes out. Your writer has started video recording. To stop recording , press the On / Off switch . / 9 of illustration / in which the device automatically saves the recording as an AVI file and settled back into standby mode. The device supports cyclic recording method , which means that every 15 minutes only record video in separate files and continues shooting until you stop it manually. 4 . Motion detection : To use the intuitive motion detector , it will have to do the following : put pre from off TF memory card, then turn the knob of the device in figure 9 , wait to be initialized, which happens after the blue light turns off and the red constantly lit. In this position , press and hold the button to start the system motion detector , which is number 11 in the illustration , both LEDs will blink six times. You will then go out . Your device is in motion detection . And when someone passes on the perimeter , which covers the detector will launch the camera and it will start shooting before that the blue LED will flash . When you stop the movement and decide to stop the camera , simply press the button for video recording or taking a picture / 9 / to save the file. Once this happens , the red indicator will light permanently. The camera is in the initial mode. 5 . Night vision mode / Longitude: Press and hold the 9, which is on / off . the device , wait until the recognition process , the red indicator lights up permanently, and from that position you press the button once to start the system motion detector , 11, which in this case will include night mode shooting. To turn it off , press once again 11 . 6 . Device data : The device has a USB slot that will allow you to use it as a portable drive for important data . To download them , just connect the camera to your computer via USB cable. Now you can use it as a normal flash drive - copy, delete , retrieve files from it. You'll find them in the directory DCIM/100DSCIM 7 . Webcam: To use this function with your camera car key, you will need a small disk included. It has the necessary drivers that will cause the device to operate as a camera for the Internet. Put the disk in your reader , and locate the executable file STK02N2.4.exe, run and install the software for the camera. After installation is complete , turn the camera on and connect it to the computer with the USB cable. Then press the webcam and the device enters PC camera. Now you can conduct online conferences with friends and family through any chat program that uses this service. Maybe take a picture and others. Just as each camera for PC. 8 . Charger: To charge the battery of your practical camera just need to connect your device to your computer via USB cable or charger . While the device is charging, the red light flashes continuously . When loaded, it goes out . When you load the first five or six times as well to increase the capacity of the battery, leave it for half an hour after the indicator shows that the battery charge is included in the charge. 9. Set time: Since the device has a built-in clock that tells you when the photo was taken or the video , you can use this function when you make secret recordings. But for that you first need to make adjustments that will help you to always see the current time. Steps that need to go are not numerous and not difficult at all . The format of the clock in the order year / month / date / hour / minutes / seconds. To correct it , simply connect the device to your compute , then navigate to the list of external devices . Create a new text file in the directory of the device itself , which file will fill the exact date in the format above. Name it time.txt. Then save and close the directory of the camera.