HD hunting camera   (ID: HD143)

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ID: HD143
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HD hunting camera

HD hunting camera   (ID: HD143)


With this hunting camera you can take pictures of birds and animals in fullHD resolution.
You can choose between two modes videos and photos.
You can take pictures with a resolution of 2, 5, 8 or 12 MP.
In the video you can choose between 1920x1080 pixels or 1080x720.
For operating even in the nighttime you have 42 infrared LEDs at your disposal you can place them at their maximum power or to half their power.
The motion detector is with 65 degrees zone activation.
When motion is detected, you can set the sound alarm for which you recorded sounds that lure the animals or the sound of a predator to repel them.
The videos and images can be stored on a SD card or microSD card. In each of the slots you can insert up to 32 GB cards.
Works with 8 AA batteries.

HD hunting camera

video HD hunting camera