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Hunting cameras

Compact hunting camera (ID: HD49)

Despite its small size (140x90x60 mm), this camera has some exceptional features. With a 5 MP CMOS sensor, it can capture images in JPEG file format in resolution 5 or 12 (interpolated)MP and video in AVI file format 649x480 pixels.
Designed to operate in the most extreme conditions from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius. Thanks to its unique design the motion sensor can cover an area of about 120 degrees, and the fast activation time of 1 second guarantees that you capture every object passing in front of the camera lens.
The camera has a very low power consumption and thus supplied with the eight 1.5 V batteries type AA it can last for months in stand-by mode. The device has a 2.5 inch color display that where you can immediately review the recordings made by the device. The camera records on an SD card, the maximum size can be 16 GB. Infrared LEDs ensure good recording even at night. Images are imprinted with the date, time, temperature and moon phase.
Each picture can be recorded with a unique code on the camera so that various cameras can recognize the photos. In addition, recordings can be password protected and thus they are safe against unauthorized access.

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HD hunting camera (ID: HD143)

With this hunting camera you can take pictures of birds and animals in fullHD resolution.
You can choose between two modes videos and photos.
You can take pictures with a resolution of 2, 5, 8 or 12 MP.
In the video you can choose between 1920x1080 pixels or 1080x720.

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HD mini hunting camera (ID: HD145)

With its compact size 134x98x59,5 mm this camera can be completely invisible.
It can take images or capture audio-video files. Pictures are 5, 8 or 12 MP and video can be set between 320x240, 640x480, 720x480 or 1280x720 pixels. Files are saved on the SD card and you can insert up to 32 GB cards.
Infrared diodes illuminate objects up to 20 meters.
For precise targeting there is a laser pointer, which is controlled by a magnetic switch.

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Battery with a solar panel for hunting camera HD49 (ID: D104)

The battery capacity 1500 mAh is suitable for powering our hunting camera HD49 or other devices powered by 7V DC voltage and up to 800 mA power consumption.
The solar panel with power current 0.4 W makes sure the battery is charging in daylight so that it can be used later at night. This this way you will rest assured that the camera will operate for a very long period of time.
The battery has a degree of protection IP54 and can be used in humidity conditions from 5 up to 95%. The operation temperature range is from -22 to +70 degrees.

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Hunting camera HD (ID: HD156)

With this hunting camera you can take pictures and video in extremely high resolution. You can choose between two resolutions of the audio-video file - 1920x1080 or 1280x720 pixels. For pictures the choice is between 2, 5, 8 or 12 MP. For filming from a greater distance there are four times digital zoom. The motion detector has a range of 65 degrees. Thanks to its infrared diodes this device can capture an objects up to 25 meters away in complete darkness. The camera is powered by alkaline AA batteries and there is an indication, you can see how much time the camera can work with them on the camera screen. On 2" TFT display you can adjust all the camera settings. Recordings are stored on the SD card. In the slot of the device you can insert up to 32 GB. Dimensions 13.5x9x6cm, weight 380g.

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Mini hunting camera (ID: HD158)

The small size of this camera will allow you to hide it will so it will go unnoticed. This makes it suitable for capturing wild animals and for securing various objects. The camera will successfully "capture" any offender by recording video, audio and photos.
You can select between three modes of video 1280x720, 640x480 or 320x240, and photos can be selected between 2, 5 or 8MP.
To get an image at night there are 26 IR LEDs that illuminate objects in the dark up to 10 meters.
The recordings are saved on a microSD card and in the slot of the camera, you can insert up to 32GB cards.

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(ID: HD178)

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8 MP MMS hunting camera (ID: HD65)

This hunting camera is able to take a picture with the impressive 8 MP resolution. The pictures it took can be sent as MMS or e-mail with GPRS internet. You can also record audio video files with in resolution 640x480 and these records are stored on the SD memory card. There is an SD card slot, and the maximum size is 32 GB.
The camera has an extremely sensitive motion detector and less time to start recording. It can detect objects at distances up to 20 meters, and the response time is 1.2 seconds.
To set the parameters you'll have to use a remote control and a 1.5 inch display.
To retrieve the records you plug the USB cable or you can watch them on the screen directly from the camera.

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