FullHD camera in a flash drive  (ID: HD181)

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ID: HD181
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FullHD camera in a flash drive

FullHD camera in a flash drive  (ID: HD181)


The camera is extremely discreet and no one will suspect you are shooting with it. It looks completely like a normal flash drive, and handling it is very easy.
You can take pictures or record audio-video files with the camera. The photos are in JPEG format with resolution 4032x3024 and the video in AVI with 1920x1080 pixels.
The records are stored on a microSD card. You can put up to 32GB in the flash slot.
The battery allows about 60 minutes of uninterrupted operation, with files split into 3 minute clips.
When you put the camera on a computer, it is recognized as external memory and you can view, transfer, and delete the files inside.
To get an image in the dark, there have a powerful infrared diode that can be turned on and off when needed.
Size: 75x26x12 mm.
Weight 22 g
1. Charge the camera for about 4 hours and insert a memory card.
2. Holding down the button located by the USB port starts and stops the camera. When turned on, the camera vibrates once and the blue diode lights up.
3. Pressing the button closer to the camera takes individual shots.
4. Press and hold the same button to start video recording, and pressing the button once will stop it.
5. Pressing the button next to the USB port briefly, turns the night vision diode on and off.