Mini Bug   (ID: B39)

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Mini Bug

Mini Bug   (ID: B39)


The bug needs a SIM card to be able to work properly. By dialing the number on the card, you make a connection and you can hear everything that is being said.
The device also has a microSD card slot. If you put memory card in it, you can also record sound in arm format whenever you want. All functions are controlled by sending SMS to an authorized number.
By sending a command, you can turn the bug into a sound-triggered alarm system. If the room noise exceeds 40 dB the voice control will activate the device and it will dial the authorized number. To quickly attach the locator, you have magnets built into its body.
Size: 40х25х15 мм.

Mini Bug

video Mini Bug

1. Charge the device for a minimum of 5 hours. 2. Insert the SIM card in the appropriate slots with the PIN code off and formatted microSD card. The red diode flashing indicates that the device is turned on. 3. Authorized number. Send SMS with content 000 to set a contact number. The device will return a confirmation SMS. You will receive an SMS confirmation for each successful command. 4. Send 555 to start audio recording. 5. Send 666 to start voice activation. 6. To disable each command, send 444. 7. Send 999 to restart the device. 8. For factory reset, send *#*#*#. 9. If you just want to listen to the sound from the device, dial the SIM card number inserted into the bug.